Waiver Wire Turkey Week

Turkey week means submitting your lineups three days earlier. There is nothing better then a default win or a loss, from when your opponent actually forgets to get a certain player or lineup in. With three weeks left in the fantasy regular season, standings are heating up. Certain owners have in fact already clinched and have begun the champion talk. As many of you know, seedings for playoff spots in fantasy football is as much of a joke as the BCS. It means nothing.

In this short week, we’ll throw a few names out there that are possibilities of a late November pickup.


Bruce Gradkowski
He might not be a legitimate starting quarterback, but down the road you may be able to say you won a fantasy football championship with Gradkowski as your quarterback. For a rookie he has done a great job and seems to have his teams full support. Cadillac Williams had his first decent game in weeks. Expect Williams to finish the season stronger, which means Gradkowski will have some chances to throw it deep to Galloway in games.

Jeff Garcia
Now his fourth team in four years, it’s safe to say Garcia may be pondering retirement after this season. He’ll never be a starter again and this could be a good or bad way for him to end his career. It was this time last season in Detroit that he put up one of the worst games on Turkey Day by a quarterback in recent memory. If he falls a part for the Eagles they will bring in Detmer in a heart beat. They’re still in the thick of the division race, and Andy Reid is going to find a way to try to get this team back on track.

JP Losman
He has been on this list before and will likely be next season. Losman’s throws are looking a lot better with zip and accuracy. His connection with wideout Lee Evans is near the top ten in the league. What isn’t is Losman’s predictability with fantasy owners. He has an arrow going up on him this week, but playing in Buffalo in the cold may not be so fantasy friendly. For now, just pick him up for backup purposes only if you’ve been hit with injuries or poor play at your backup quarterback spot.

Running Backs

Maurice Jones-Drew
If you’re in touchdown heavy points leagues, than there is not even a slim chance that Drew is available. If you’re in a basic points league there is a possibility. Fred Taylor has been complaining on how he feels the team is ready to abandon him for Drew. Well, Taylor has been injury prone throughout his career and is also past the average years running backs stay in the league. It’s just a matter of time before Taylor sees the door but right now he is keeping his name popular for owners owning him. As the season winds down and if the Jaguars fold from playoff chances, Drew is assured of getting more looks.

DeAngelo Williams
The Panthers did not spend a late first round pick on him for nothing. They’re going to test the rookie and see if he can be a full time back or needs to remain a part timer. He has had his ups with last weeks solid game, and his downs with fumbles and injuries. Which back is Williams? The Panthers do not know, but they are not going to head into the off-season with that answer not figured out.

Arlen Harris
Just when Kevin Jones had owners thinking that he was a steal being picked in the fifth or later rounds, he goes down with an injury during the most important part of the fantasy season. Now owners have to scoop up his backup and hope they can manage a game or two without Jones. Harris had some solid runs against the Cardinals last week, but the Lions will use Cason as well to keep both from fumbleitis.

Wide Receivers

Devery Henderson
New Orleans defense has been KO’s in the allowing points category, and does not look to be getting up anytime soon. With the Saints trading touchdowns or either trying to launch a comeback, Brees will continue to show that he has no ill effects of shoulder surgery. With Colston out, Henderson is the new guy in. Need we say any more.

Mark Bradley
Lovie Smith has stated that he has no second wide receiver competition, and that Berrian is going to back as the starter this week. Those are the safe words to say, to keep Berrian’s confidence up in hope of bringing the only thing he offers, big plays, to the table. The Bears do enough throwing to consider Bradley a pickup now even as third receiver, but his value will rise if talk comes up again on Bradley taking over his job.


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