Waiver Wire Post Week 10

Desperation is setting in. Last chances to survive as a fantasy football team for 2006 have thin hopes, but still a shot if they can run the table. Should you tank your season or finish the commitment to that team that has drained confidence? Notjustagame takes you in to glance at worthy pickups that could be out there.


Trent Green
So much for Huard holding onto that starting job based on his performance. What was talked about so much last week as a quarterback controversy, quickly lost its thunder when Damon Huard performed below expectations in a difficult loss to Miami. Green has been named the starter and rightfully so. He has been one of the best quarterbacks, when healthy, in the game and may spark the Chiefs to make a run for the playoffs.

Luke McCown
Rave all you want about Bruce Gradkowski but he had more downs then ups in his rookie stint. It’s highly likely that Jon Gruden may make the switch soon to see what type of quarterback talent is on the Buccaneers roster. McCown is the backup right now and if thrown in could do some things with the Buccaneers offense. Heck, if Gradkowski has had all of these opportunities then Luke McCown can.

Aaron Rodgers
If this is truly Brett Favre’s last season then the Packers need to get Rodgers in some action. Decide a game to make Favre’s last true home going away party and make the right move for the future. Sure, Favre has performed better than anticipated and may make the decision to keep playing. Based on his off season talk this should be the end, and the Packers organization needs to step in and end it a bit early.

Vinny Testaverde:
Hell we just felt like throwing his name on here. He has had some decent years as a fantasy quarterback, and will keep his name alive for the longest string of years mentioned in fantasy talk.

Running Backs

Ladell Betts:
With Jason Campbell now as the starter and Betts the full time running back, a lot of ugliness could be lurking offensively for the Redskins. The good thing for Betts is he’ll receive plenty of carries to calm the nerves of first time starter Jason Campbell. The bad news is he’ll be the one getting thumped to the ground repeatedly, while any chances to score may go to TJ Duckett.

TJ Duckett
How embarrassing of a season for Duckett. He lost out in Atlanta and was third stringed in Washington. Quickly, he went from the minds of fantasy owners as a potential touchdown hog like Bettis to a back that could be labeled in the nature of Ron Dayne. Now with Portis out though, Joe Gibbs has talked about getting Duckett some carries. What that means we do not know, but in the past it has meant that Duckett is the primary short yardage back.

Wide Receivers

Reche Caldwell
Every week it’s a different target in New England that steals the show. This past week it was Caldwell, and normally we would not highlight that fact. What is drawing our attention is how many balls he received, in nine. Brady was looking for him and finding him, which are great things for fantasy owners. It may have been a fluke but usually a high reception game translates into more solid games.

David Tyree
Where was Tim Carter on Sunday? On Monday he was filling the big fat zero in fantasy columns for anyone that listened to experts on him. Tyree seemed to be the clear number two receiver. Until otherwise you have to go off stats and Tyree caught four to Carter’s zero. As the Giants offense is one of the top in the league at throwing the football, so higher stats are sure to come from the Giants second receiver.

Owen Daniels
With Putzier continuing to be plagued by injuries, Daniels has found a comfortable spot in the Texans offense. If you’re looking for a tight end he is likely out there because of his under the radar name. He is not going to get you extreme points from a tight end, but he is consistent enough to not expect a zero from him either.

Malcolm Floyd
It may have just been a case of Philip Rivers just picking on the Bengals horrible secondary. Rivers and Floyd looked like they were playing simple pass and catch with each other on Sunday. Unless you’re in dire need for a receiver Floyd should not even draw your attention. More then likely he’ll be dropped quicker then he was picked up. After last week though you have to figure and the way the Chargers have been scoring, Floyd is worth a shot because LT and Gates can’t get them all.

Note: We try not to repeat the same athletes so each week we dig for new players. Glance at previous waiver wire articles where certain athletes mentioned may still be floating around in your leagues.


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