Post Week Nine Waiver Wire Pickups

For the most part playoff sports are clinched in fantasy football leagues. There may be some wild card hopefuls but for the most part the season that matters most is around the corner. Just as much as NFL players love to compete for a championship once they enter the playoffs, the same goes for fantasy football. Owners want that title to win their money leagues and brag and boast until the next season’s draft, on how sick their team was and they’ll be repeating. Is there any players out there worth snatching up to add to your playoff roster?


Damon Huard
Huard has surprised everyone even his coach, Herman Edwards, with how well he has handled filling in as starting quarterback. He boasts Pro Bowl type numbers with an excellent quarterback ranking that correlates with his high touchdown to interception ratio. Breaking down how Huard has performed could lead to people not believing in him. We do not think he is as good as his numbers show, but that’s hard to keep saying when he has done it for the past month. The great thing about Huard is that he capitalizes and gets his team in the end zone. The Chiefs defense has really been the main catalyst in Huard’s stats, but he has been the one to convert those defensive turnovers into scores. Don’t forget he backed up Dan Marino when he entered the league and filled in well for him when he was injured.

David Garrad
Besides the touchdowns Garrad’s statistics last week and weeks that he has started have never blown away fantasy owners. What does now is that he is going to be their permanent starting quarterback for the remainder of the 2006 season. He is capable of putting up stellar numbers if the Jaguars get down. With the way the Jaguars like to run the football and live off their defense, few games like that may be displayed.

Aaron Brooks
As crazy as it sounds, Brooks name has to float around the waiver wire windmill. Andrew Walter is just not getting it done and looks tired of taking snaps as a Raider. The Raiders need to decide on who is going to be the guy to quarterback this team beyond 06. Walter’s looks like has lost any support to be the Raiders future quarterback, and now Brooks should get some games as starter before the year is over. The Raiders whole offense needs to be reshaped and that may start with tanking the rest of this season to get Brady Quinn in the 2007 Draft.

Sage Rosenfels
Texans lovers and supporters of David Carr have to be growing restless. The years are going by and the time frame to see Carr excel is closing. This is his fifth season and you really can’t say he has approached any corner to turn his career or team for the better. After being benched a few weeks ago, he should have been again last week against the Giants. It was a game that was handed to the Texans but yet they could not get the win. Carr just seemed to centered in on throwing the short dump off pass instead of taking risks on scoring points deep with Andre Johnson or Eric Moulds. Rosenfels will get the call if Carr continues to not be able to generate points for the Texans offense.

Running Backs

Anthony Thomas
At least for a couple of weeks the Bills will have to go without McGahee. They do not lose too much with the A-Train as he did a fine job filling in for McGahee last week. Buffalo needs to run the football to establish anything offensively, so Thomas will be involved in a big way. He’ll certainly have 20 plus carries and should be able to put up noteworthy fantasy points with them.

Michael Pittman
The Cadillac has been mini sized to a cheap vehicle this season. The guy that has to be the bust of the season for fantasy owners early picks, seems to be packing it in this season. If Pittman gets involved he has proven before that he can be a force both rushing and receiving out of the backfield.

Wide Receivers

Joe Jurevicious
His name was around as a sleeper for fantasy drafts, but was quickly added to the drop section in leagues with his off and on injuries. Young quarterbacks like big targets, and Charlie Frye has been zeroing in on Kellen Winslow all season. With Jurevicious back in the fold to go along with Braylon Edwards, the Browns offense should spark up a bit as the season winds down.

Ernest Wilford
Was last week a fluke or are his two touchdowns worthy of looking at? The good news is that the Jaguars did not throw it that much and he still had two scores and decent yardage. Reggie Williams has fallen off a bit and Matt Jones is just trying to come back from injury. We all don’t know who Garrad’s favorite amongst the three is yet, but it looks like it may be Wilford. Keep a close eye on who becomes the main guy.

Ronald Curry
The Raiders complete offense has had a shield against fantasy football points this season. With a change at quarterback something has to change for the better. Even if it is just a tad better there should be some sort of production that does not mean zeroes on the board from the offense for two consecutive weeks. If Brooks gets back under center, that’ll open up things for Moss and Curry to finish the season on a better note.


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