Waiver Wire Post Week Seven

It is officially the midway point in fantasy football seasons. Does your team need that additional depth or boost to bypass injuries? That’s what the waiver wire is for. For these next seven weeks and even for fantasy playoffs you may have to reach for a starter on a given week. Here are some names based on week sevens performances.


Charlie Batch
Mike Vick had his best game as a quarterback. If he didn’t the talk would have been on Batch and how well he delivered in tough spots. After Roethlisberger went down it seemed like the Steelers were in a world of hurt. Instead Batch came in and torched the Falcons defense some more with fabulous throws, including a strike to Hines Ward. Two concussions in the time span Roethlisberger suffered them are not a good sign. We’ve seen this before with some of the great quarterbacks. Chances are Batch is going to have to be the guy full time. Even if Roethlisberger happens to step back onto the field it should be short lived. Pick Batch up and start him if you need to.

Tony Romo
He made the errors that you’d expect from a quarterback thrown in at halftime. For playing a half though, Romo put up near a game’s worth of stats. Both negatively (3 INT’s) and positively (200 yards, 2 touchdowns). The Cowboys want to work him in and get the offense kicking. With the change being announced officially Romo becomes a no risk pickup.

Andrew Walter
If it were not for a late season injury in his senior year at ASU, Walter was projected to be a first round pick. He slipped to the third round to the Raiders and has had a month to work himself in a bit. Against the Ravens he looked solid and last week against the Cardinals he finally looked for Moss. As his confidence boosts the quarterback that broke nearly all the Pac-10 records should come out as well.

Running Backs

Leon Washington
There is no need for Curtis Martin to return this season or even next. He should make a firm decision to retire, as Washington is the future for the Jets. The offensive line is creating solid holes for him, and Washington is hitting them with exceptional quickness. He made a run for a touchdown against the Lions that most backs would not have been able to turn the corner on.

Wali Lundy
The opening day starter fell off quickly when Ron Dayne and then the trade of Samkon Gado happened. Now Lundy has reappeared and his strong day against the Jaguars defense should open the door back in his favor again.

Wide Receivers

Patrick Crayton
Crayton was becoming a nice stat filler last year until he suffered an injury. With the running game suffering the Cowboys could become like the Cardinals of last year and just air it out. Terrell is going to get the attention which leaves Glenn and Crayton out to do what they do best. They’re big play receivers and Crayton should have some decent games to finish out the season.

Brandon Lloyd
For whatever reason, Lloyd has been nonexistent to this point of the season. A few more losses for the Redskins and Mark Brunell will be seating the bench in favor of the future in Jason Campbell. That should be enough of a change for Lloyd to finally get balls thrown his way. Often times quarterbacks have their main guy and Brunell is locked in on Chris Cooley and Santana Moss.

Derek Hagan
Just like we said last week, Miami is going to be throwing a heck of a lot. They’re either unable to run the football or in losing situations all the time. Two weeks in a row Harrington has put up great fourth quarter stats, to make up for the previous three quarters. That means all of Miami’s receivers are now fantasy threats other then Chris Chambers. Last week we told you to scoop Marty Booker and he had a great game. If you’re really desperate consider Hagan. Chambers has been pouting about his involvement and Booker can’t seem to stay healthy.


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