Waiver Wire: Orton Treatment Ahead For Grossman

Any players this week worth picking up are all coming from the rookie class or players in early stages of their career. They could kill you with their mistakes, but isn’t that what Eli Manning and Mike Vick are doing anyways? Over in Chicago Rex Grossman erratic games lately has to be scaring fantasy football playoff owners as much as Bears fans. There is a likely player sitting on your league’s waiver wire that could benefit from Grossman receiving Orton treatment.


Vince Young
Young has strung some nice games together for his rookie season, and is proving plenty of doubters wrong. It’s unarguable that Young has had a better start to his career than Mike Vick, and should continue to build upon this. You can see that the Titans team is backing Young one hundred percent. Lets see what he can do this weekend against the Colts. Last time he had them in good shape to pull off the upset and maybe they can work some magic two weeks in a row against the Manning’s.

Jay Cutler
In preseason Cutler looked the best of all rookie quarterbacks. That was the preseason and he is going to be thrown into a tougher challenge than any of his fellow rookie quarterbacks. Yet, he has the skills and a great team around him to step right in and deliver like rookies have been doing in recent years. Can he keep them on target to get a solid playoff seeding and be the main man for a playoff run? Shanahan does not believe in Jake and is willing to give the rookie his time now to work out some rust before the playoffs. With the defense he has and Plummer’s ineffectiveness it may be a better payout gamble then Bill Parcells benching Bledsoe for Romo.

Matt Leinart

David Carr
The Texans and Carr aired out the football over fifty times in their loss to the New York Jets. There will likely not be a trend of that high of rate in passes, but the Texans should look to throw it more. Carr has the weapons out there with Moulds, Johnson, and Putzier. All that has stopped the Texans from throwing more is Carr’s indecisiveness and their offensive line.

Running Backs

Sammy Morris
The Dolphins suddenly have thrived and revived off of that Soldier Field victory against the Bears. Whatever is happening is working, and the chemistry of improvement has all started with the offensive line playing well. Earlier in the year the line could not open holes up for Ronnie Brown or pass protect for Daunte Culpepper. They’re meshing now, and with Brown dinged up, Morris will continue to be a factor. With the way he performed on Thanksgiving, Miami may go back to using the two back formula they did with Ricky and Ronnie last season.
Cedric Benson
Thomas Jones gets the award for stepping up and shutting down any chances for competition. Benson was drafted two years ago, and still has yet to see starting time on the field. He is getting more carries though which is likely an opening test to a move the Bears are going to have to make. Both should be starting backs in the league, and the Bears are going to have to decide which one to keep. Grossman has been very shaky lately and the Bears are going to give him Orton treatment until he proves otherwise. That means heavy looks at both Jones and Benson.

Wide Receivers

Santonio Holmes or Nate Washington
Hines Ward is dinged up so Washington and Holmes boost up for balls being tossed to them. Roethlisberger has been throwing the ball at an alarming rate. Nothing is going to change in the Steelers game plan, as it seems to always lean into the arm and mistakes of Roethlisberger. The Steelers have not been using Heath Miller like they should, so the majority of balls are going to find their ways to the wide receivers.


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