Waiver Wire Post Week Four

The waiver wire is opening up for those in need. In fact it’s likely at one of its peak levels for snatching players. If you have one or two bench warmers that you wouldn’t even consider inserting, than maybe now is the time to get rid of him.


Eli Manning
In the majority of leagues Manning went undrafted. Now he could turn around someone’s fantasy season that wound up with a questionable quarterback. The Giants are ringing up points every week, and it has a lot to do with Manning’s progressions in the off season. Manning may not keep up his great pace, but he’ll finish the rest of the year nicely.

Alex Smith
With Rattay being pushed to the bench, it’s Smith’s chance to showcase himself. Like the majority of rookie’s, he is going to likely struggle. Simply put, Smith will be a week to week project. Whether that project is fantasy worthy or not is up in the air. Rattay surprised people and was a legit consideration. If Smith can’t duplicate what Rattay left, than the wrong quarterback is out there.

Kelly Holcomb
Probably a great starter for three to four games. He is magical when the transition of being a backup to a starter occurs. He did it multiple times with Cleveland. Once he is handed the job officially as a starter though, is when the problems begin.

Running Backs

Chester Taylor
Jamal Lewis is off to a sloppy year, mainly due to the Ravens passing game. That use to never be an excuse for Lewis though.

Kevan Barlow
The 49ers seem to not give up on him. Last week they used Frank Gore less and when they did he fumbled. His fantasy value may have dropped even more with Smith being named starter, but he is a starting back.

Wide Receivers

Dante Hall
Last week he pulled a double whammy for leagues that give points for return yardage. Added with his okay receiving day and a touchdown as well, it was an above average game for Hall. Hall should creep up in the Chiefs passing department with his versatility.

Shaun McDonald
The time was coming for McDonald, and we almost posted McDonald up last week in the waiver wire. He left ASU as a junior, and that hurt his value on draft day. With Bulger airing it out so much, there is enough balls for all four of St. Louis’s major receivers. McDonald stood out last week, and did occasionally last season. Before long he may be the receiver teaming up with Torry Holt.

Eddie Kennison
For the amount of points the Chiefs usually score, it’s amazing that the Chiefs receivers seem to never be involved. The offense is so heavy on the rush and Tony Gonzalez, that the receivers rarely have big games. Kennison has looked alright thus far this season, but still may not be the answer as the number one receiver.

Tight Ends

Bob Scaife
The Titans are attacking with their tight ends, and Scaife is proving to be a valid option as fantasy tight end. If Drew Bennett and the Titans receivers can’t do it, might as well get all three tight ends the ball.


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