Post Week Five: You've Got To Be Kidding Me

Tis the season for making week five’s list of, you’ve got to be kidding me.


Aaron Brooks
It was time for the Packers to win a game. Brooks and the Saints showed exactly why they’ll always be the definition of mediocrity. The Saints will always lose the typical easy game, and play well against teams they shouldn’t. It has been going on since 2000, where they’ve finished at or near 8-8 every year.

Anthony Wright and Joey Harrington
Both were as horrible as can be, Sunday. Wright should adjust and add the following letters to his name after Wr, with the tabulation of “ong”. He is far from his days of looking as an okay quarterback back in 2003. There won’t be any teams that will give him an offer. Joey Harrington won without throwing over 100 yards. His story is growing old, fast.

Kyle Orton
The Bears had their game against the Browns, and self destructed in the fourth quarter. Kyle Orton needs to raise his level of play, as the Bears should be the division leaders of the horrible NFC North. Orton’s fumbled exchange late in the fourth quarter, showed that he can’t catch a break on or off the field.

Alex Smith
It got so pathetic, it looked like Smith was acting like he was playing a friendly neighborhood game in a park. He was just throwing it up for grabs like he didn’t have a care in the world. Another week like this and Rattay deserves another chance.

Running Backs

Ronnie Brown
He had an effective game, but fumbling the ball in a pivotal situation is going to be in Nick Saban’s head in the near future. The fact that Ricky Williams is returning, is hindsight, to expect Williams to get some rotation in the offense. Brown is steadily improving, and will be a great player soon.

Michael Pittman
The Buccaneers are going to look back at their loss against the Jets, as one of those games. Meaning what they could have had in better positioning for playoffs. What was missing was the rushing game with Carnell Williams. Pittman is more of a receiving back, and Griese showed once again that he can’t have the burden on his shoulders.

Tatum Bell
That’ll never happen again. Bell rolled up a couple of nice runs, to show that he is still alive. He only had 12 carries, so his overall day was definitely flooded by those two long runs. Don’t let the mirage fool you, until he shows some back to back capability. He has dotted the charts before.

JJ Arrington and Marcel Shipp
It’s officially bad, when the starting quarterback in Josh McCown is your team’s leading rusher for the game.

Wide Receivers

Marvin Harrison
It is official to say the Colts offense is more attentive to Edgerrin James? They’ve matured offensively because they can. The defense has been stout, and it’s made the offense more conventional. That could change in the growing months, but for now Harrison has been a disappointment.

Joe Jurevicious
Yes, the Rams secondary is that bad. The over the hill Jurevicious had one of those last veteran moments. He is a tall target, and somehow got wide open on almost every play. Darrell Jackson is going to be out for at least four weeks, and this may be the time to pickup a 30 day Jurevicious contract for your fantasy football team.

Terrell Owens
Guess he can’t match Moss as being a Cowboy killer every time out.


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