Post Week Five Waiver Wire

Deuce is out for the year, so common sense would be to scoop up Aaron Stecker or Antowain Smith. With the way the Saints have been playing, that may just be a wasted roster spot. Who else is worth considering this week?


Kyle Boller
Boller’s return is eminent. Anthony Wright has been way off the page the Ravens expected. Boller may not do any better, but at least there is hope. The Ravens season rides on how effective Boller is when he returns.

Byron Leftwich
A lot of leagues have Leftwich available, which makes no sense. He is battling injuries similar to McNabb. The offense never seems to light it up, but Leftwich is effective enough to be on fantasy rosters. If Matt Jones or Reggie Williams emerge before the end of the year, than Leftwich will be a solid starter.

Billy Volek
It’s approaching the danger zone for the Titans. Steve McNair has played alright, but there will become a time where the Titans have to make the decision. The future of their team involves Volek’s arm. He throws it deep probably as much as Marc Bulger, which is great for fantasy team.

Josh McCown
The validity of McCown over Warner is obvious. Both have one year contracts, and Warner’s age automatically pushes him out. Plain and simple. Also, McCown has played better within the offense. If there is any hope for the Cardinals to turn around their season, it’ll be because of McCown. All of that will have to be accomplished without a running game.

Running Backs

Aaron Stecker or Antowain Smith
Will the Saints scramble to live on Brooks arm, or try to fit one of these backs in? Both Stecker and Smith have started plenty of games in their career. They’ll likely split carries, which will make the Saints running back fantasy value a difficult choice.

Tatum Bell
His two long runs are worthy of taking another chance on Bell. Still, he split the exact amount of carries almost as Mike Anderson. It’s either one or the other that has the hot hand on a giving week. For the first time it looks like Mike Shanahan doesn’t want to ride one back.

Cedric Houston
With Derrick Blaylock out for the year and Curtis Martin battling veteran injuries, the opportunity for Houston is opening. He’ll now start to get five to seven carries, and anything past that is on Martin’s knees.

Wide Receivers

Antonio Bryant
Bryant is emerging rapidly as one of the best young receivers in the league. He is similar to Chad Johnson with his abilities, and has been making Trent Dilfer look like a Browns savior. Now that he is settled in with a team, Bryant will only continue to develop year by year.

Joe Jurevicious
For at least a month he has high fantasy value.. Peter Warrick is still learning the offense and Hasselbeck seems to have an easy going chemistry with Jureviciou. He is also a big target like Jeramy Stevens and get chances with his body leverage and height to make end zone plays.

Eric Parker
McCardell is hardly involved-with a few catches a game- while Parker has been dangling amongst the Chargers lineup since he entered the league. He is an alright receiver, that needs more looks by Brees. If you have McCardell it’d be better to swap for Parker.


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