Week Four: You've Got To Be Kidding Me

Which names fill the board on this week’s installment of, you’ve got to be kidding me?


Aaron Brooks
Qualifying as a fantasy starter will always be the term used for Brooks. That’s all Brooks will ever be is a qualifier, and never a full time starter. The Saints offense is back and forth with the way it presents itself on the field. Sunday they got a win thanks to a Bills offense that can’t score points. When the matchup presents itself, Brooks is an okay starter.

Brooks Bollinger
He looked afraid to do anything. Zero touchdowns and zero interceptions would back that up. Breaking out of his shell has to happen or Vinny will be in asap.

David Carr
A little bit better this week, but his body can’t take the pace of sacks he has been getting. For the offensive line to be the problem of the offense for this long, is ridiculous. No one will know Carr or this offenses ability until that gets resolved.

Joey Harrington
His failed attempt at the end of the Buccaneers game is just adding to the ever growing saga of Harrington’s losing career with the Lions. Summing up the game by saying, I’m tired of it, shows Harrington’s patience and confidence is drowning.

Running Backs

Carnell Williams
He was obviously slowed down by injury, as he was ineffective. The Buccaneers may want to rest him fully before they bring him back. His outstanding start to the year will allow him room for a full week off.

Fred Taylor
Eight carries for fourteen yards. Denver has erased thoughts of a bad season forming, after the opening week loss to Miami.

Julius Jones
The Raiders actually did a phenomenal job in shutting the running game down. Jones didn’t get on track until the second part of last season. He needs to break away from that trend, by starting now.

Chris Brown
With Travis Henry out of the equation, Brown’s opening of carries was expected. Instead he only carried the ball ten times for minimal yardage. Funny how things can turn for a back. Just a year ago Brown was crushing defenses.

Wide Receivers

Andre Johnson
You don’t want to blame him, but in fantasy football all that’s cared about is individual performances. His team is holding him back, but he needs to demand and get some throws his way.

Drew Bennett
Maybe Bennett and McNair just aren’t the right combination.

Michael Clayton
His great rookie year is being followed by the second year woes. Joey Galloway has been stealing the show entirely.

Lavernues Coles
Another poor week. One catch this time.

Donte Stallworth
Expecting Stallworth to step up like he did without Joe Horn was one of the most shocking stories of the weekend. Especially facing the Bills defense.


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