Surgeries often get thought of as risk-free if it does not involve a knee, foot, or ankle. Fans and media give off the vibe that other surgeries are less cumbersome.

Cowboys fans and sports bettors should key in on an injury that just took place in the golf world. Tiger Woods, who surely had one of the best surgeons perform on his back, had a setback. The type of setback that you wouldn’t expect in a profession such as golf.

Sure there is twisting and jerking motion, but it pales in comparison to bone crushing hits a quarterback takes.

It’s shocking to me that no one in the sports media has paralleled Woods flare up to Tony Romo’s expected return.

For the type of offense the Cowboys run combined with Romo’s surgically repaired back, I’d put the Cowboys season on high red alert.

The signs have been there for the Cowboys and ownership. Changeover occurred when Wade Phillips was replaced with Jason Garrett. On the field though results looked eerily similar. Up top with Jerry Jones the organization has failed to create a foundation they once had in the 90’s.

Questionable play calling led to losses against the Packers, Chiefs, Broncos and Lions. Four games that could have propelled them to division champs and a possible playoff berth.

The reason for those horrendous miscues was by and large due to the offense’s continuous reliance on Tony Romo. To be the hero on each and every offensive play is just asking for your quarterback to land on injured reserve.

I’m afraid this season will be the dagger of a catalyst to finally trigger change for Dallas. Everyone with a football eye has seen it coming for the last five years. Vegas currently has the win total set at eight wins for the Cowboys. Count me in as one that will be taking the under.

I just don’t see the Cowboys playing solid football for a full sixteen game schedule. It hasn’t happened and won’t in 2014.


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