When testing any future market tracking division leaders is typically not the way to go. Separation is only a few games from the second or even third place team. But analyzing a division for weaknesses and strengths can catapult that theory out the window.

In the NL East several teams have taken a free fall over the past month to eight weeks. Philadelphia and the Mets were never in serious consideration to make a run. Though both had flirted with mini win streaks in the month of July.

Miami has been a hot and cold team all season. After closing the division gap to five games they had a tough home stand against the Reds. They dropped three of four and now find themselves seven games back of the Nationals.

That leaves the Braves who are falling apart in an extreme way. Their woes started with a horrific home stand against the Miami Marlins. In that series they lost three of four. Now they’re on a six game losing streak that could have ended yesterday. With the bases loaded and no-outs, Atlanta could not muster a run across the plate.

In the NL, the Central is in a serious log jam. Four teams in the Brewers, Cardinals, Pirates, and Reds are separated by just five games. Series upon series versus each other could make this division get a bit topsy-turvy.

In the NL West, the Dodgers are already heavily favored to contend for a World Series while the Giants have wondering eyes upon them. I would not have my money on either of these teams.

Washington is sitting at 10-1 and 4.5-5-1 to win the NL. I’ll discount the Braves, Phillies, and Mets. The only team with a shot if they somehow can pull it together are the Marlins. But that’s a stretch in itself. They’re more in position to make a run for the Wild Card than the division.

Put your money on the Nationals while people continue to pile money on teams that just pulled off trades. The Cardinals, A’s, Tigers, and usual flood of money on the Dodgers and Giants.

Washington has had one of the best balanced lineups countered with pitching since June. They’re not typically flashy in terms of the way they score their runs, but they find out a way to plate them across. Pitching wise they’re already boasted as a top five pitching staff.

Lay the money down now, as they have clear sailing to a division title.


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