In the last five to six playoff games the San Antonio Spurs have been an unfazed team. You’d expect that from a team that won the amount of games the Spurs did. Questions lurked though when the team struggled mightily in certain games against the Mavericks. At times their offense was strong their defense folded and vice-versa.

Something changed in game six against the Dallas Mavericks. It appeared the Spurs would close out the series as they held a seven point lead early in the fourth quarter. Instead a flurry of three pointers on horrendous defense of the three point line, had Dallas back in the game in a matter of minutes.

Comebacks at home happen all the time. That wasn’t where I witnessed a team grow. It was how they fought after getting behind by ten points late in the fourth quarter. The game seemed to be over. 90 percent of teams would have folded right at that moment. Instead the Spurs fought until the bitter end like a college basketball team does with relentless fouling. They came up short but somehow had a chance to win at the buzzer.

Since that game the Spurs have matched their defensive intensity with their incredible offense.

Is this form of basketball something the Thunder can match? The Heat or the Pacers?

It sure doesn’t look like it. When the Spurs got down 2-1 to the Mavericks, their odds to win the NBA title went to 5-1. I mentioned that day that there will not be another day in the playoffs of higher odds on the Spurs. Who knows by the time the NBA Finals start they may be the odds on favorite.

Coach Poppovich’s name gets tossed around the media lightly when they talk about the great coaches in sports. It’s time that his team and his players get their dues from the media. Even myself as much as I can’t stand Manu Ginobli and his never ending turnovers, he has a pivotal role. All the roles of the Spurs are manufactured perfectly by Gregg Poppovich.

It just may lead to another championship.


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