It’s amazing how in the corporate world a small change can uplift the morale. Any setting for that matter can go for the better. Change swings attitudes if guidance is seen to portray positivity. A few days ago the Arizona Diamondbacks brought on Tony LaRussa amidst a horrendous stretch of baseball.

A young team that had been stricken with no balance whatsoever, suddenly has struck together some wins. They defeated the Dodgers twice against Dan Haren and the highest paid pitcher in Clayton Kershaw. Both wins were done in unconventional ways from the Diamondbacks. Against Kershaw they lit him up and the Dodgers bullpen for 18 runs. Against Haren they did just enough with their bats, and relied on their bullpen. Two scenarios that have been unheard of in the first forty games of the season.

Two games of success is nothing to make you jump out of your seat, but the belief of a small pulse is there. The Diamondbacks are just 10.5 games back in their division. Just a year ago the Dodgers were also buried in the division with odds against them to win.

The Diamondbacks are suddenly getting reliable outings from veterans Bronson Arroyo and Josh Collmenter, while getting a good mix of quality starts from their youngsters. To further their success next up for the Diamondbacks will be to sure up their bullpen.

Should we expect this to be a short lived winning streak? Jobs are on the line on all teams, but the Diamondbacks have an increased job performance scrutinization. Each day players are being evaluated and that will only increase with LaRussa on board.

He has been a winner through all periods in the majors. You can expect him to rub off on this team in a positive way. Don’t be shocked to see this Diamondbacks team near or above .500 by All-Star break.


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