Team Rankings Week 1

By Zack Cimini

It wasn?t a pretty week for a lot of NFL teams, here are the new rankings after week 1.

1. Tampa Bay
A lot of people expected them to lose. They proved everyone wrong, and made a statement that they won?t give up their title easily.

2. Buffalo told you that Buffalo was the best team in the AFC. Their defense won?t play this well every week, but anything is an upgrade from last year. Buffalo looks light years ahead of their fellow AFC East teams.

3. Tennessee
The Titans never win their games pretty, but they always win.

4. Kansas City
It?s the same thing for Kansas City as it is for Buffalo. Last year the Chiefs defense lost them games, not their offense.

5. Minnesota
If Daunte Culpepper can limit his turnovers, this team will stay in the top ten all season long.

6. Seattle
Shaun Alexander has to be very thankful for that offensive line.

7. Indianapolis
It looks like Tony Dungy has done another reversal. All of the sudden the Colts turned into a defensive team. Yeah right, expect Manning and Harrison to get back to their usual routine.

8. Denver
Like usual, Jake Plummer looked awful. Good thing that the Broncos have Clinton Portis.

9. Philadelphia
They still have major concerns at running back and wide receiver. Donovan McNabb has always carried this team anyways.

10. Pittsburgh
It was a great win for the Steelers, we?ll see if they can stay consistent.

11. Oakland
It was a tough week one matchup for the Raiders.

12. New York Giants
The Giants have plenty of talent to put up a fight against the Buccaneers

13. San Francisco
What?s wrong with Jeff Garcia?s back?

14. Atlanta
All Doug Johnson has to do is hang in there for four more games.

15. St. Louis
After playing that bad, can you believe they only lost by ten points? Don?t expect a repeat of last year?s bad start.

16. Washington
Their win wasn?t impressive, but it was a win.

17. Miami
The Dolphin fell the most of any team, and should be number 31. Maybe a slow start, will reverse the way they finish a season.

18. Carolina
Carolina is a very dangerous team. Stephen Davis is a top ten running back, along with a solid group of receivers, and a new solid quarterback in Jake Delhomme. They also have that defense that keeps them in every game.

19. Detroit
This will probably be the highest the Lions get all year long.

20. Houston Texans
Give them another year or two, and they could be a serious threat to challenge for a playoff spot.

21. Cleveland
Kelly Holcomb had a very rough start, but the Browns should be okay.

22. Baltimore
What happened to the Ravens great defense?

23. Jacksonville
Brunell showed that he still can play at a high level.

24. Dallas
Quincy Carter is the most erratic quarterback in the league. One moment he looks great, and the next looks like an NFL Europe quarterback.

25. New England
If you read the ?Quarterback Article?, you would have saw that we had Tom Brady as our bust quarterback of the year. He should bounce back, but like we said don?t expect big numbers from him.

26. Green Bay
Favre definitely doesn?t want to finish his last season with a horrible year.

27. New York Jets
Both the Dolphins and Jets played horrible, and one of them is going to have to continue that streak this week.

28. Arizona
Their offense looked great, and will do even better if Emmitt Smith gets more carries. Their defense is the big problem though.

29. San Diego
They also have tons of talent, but are going to have a tough time winning games.

30. Cincinnati
They?ll be on the bottom all season.

31. New Orleans
They were horrible down the stretch last season, and haven?t changed one bit. They have too much talent to be playing like this.

32. Chicago
They are by far the worst team in football.


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