League Info and More

by Zack Cimini

In this article we will breakdown all different types of topics. Including the Rams quarterback situation, green bay?s wide receivers, and who is worth picking up on the waiver wire.

When is the last time Kurt Warner has been himself on the field? The answer to that is probably their Super Bowl lost a couple of seasons ago. Mike Martz is coaching like he wants to lose his job, and is making horrible decisions on the field. First, he keeps Warner in the whole game with a mild concussion, and now he decides to bench him this week. If Martz was paying any attention, he would have saw that Warner played very well in the second half.

Now, Marc Bulger will probably have a great game this week, and all kinds of trouble will start in St. Louis. I think Martz should have waited until the doctors diagnosed Warner?s concussion, instead of naming Bulger the starter on Monday. That type of move is only going to cause team problems.

If you look on the bright side, maybe this move will force Martz to use Marshall Faulk more. He has the best running back in the league, and didn?t even use him week one. With Marc Bulger in there, Faulk should receive plenty of carries and passes thrown to him.

Who knows what is going on in Green Bay. Brett Favre had an absolutely horrible game, and three of their receivers were hurt. Donald Driver, Robert Ferguson, and Karsten Bailey were all hurt in week one?s action. They?re hurting so bad that the Packers are looking into bringing back Antonio Freeman. Javon Walker is a definite start in your leagues, until their receivers are healthy.

How about that Arizona Cardinals offense? If their offense can play like that, they might be able to keep up with St. Louis, San Francisco, and Seattle. One thing is for sure, is that their defense is going to lose them a lot of games. Jeff Blake and Anquan Boldin probably won?t put up a game close to week one?s performance again, but should definitely be considered. Blake could be a solid backup quarterback, and Boldin a nice option at fourth or fifth wide receiver.

Joe Jurevicious isn?t to be considered as a starter, but more of a bye week option. He puts up tight end player type of numbers, and should get around eight touchdowns this season. Besides Jeff Blake, Jake Delhomme also deserves a solid look, after his great comeback for the Carolina Panthers this week.


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