Players Of The Week

By Zack Cimini

This was the week of wide receivers when it comes to fantasy football, and a big disappointment for the running backs. It was also one of the most interesting week one?s in a long time from a game perspective. Don?t get too into the results of week one. We all know how many times a team will start 2-0, and than fall flat on their face. By the end of September we should see who the true contenders are in both conferences. One thing that is evident is that the talent level is pretty even out there. Free agency and the salary cap have really made a huge impact on the game. Well here is a breakdown of the top players of the week.

Top 10 Players Of The Week

1. Priest Holmes
You have to hand it to Holmes. He got his new contract, and earned his money in week one. He is just the perfect fit to the Chiefs offense, and no one can stop him. He is on pace to get well over 2,000 all purpose yards.

2. Anquan Boldin
It?s not often a receiver catches ten passes for over two hundred yards, let alone a rookie in his very first game. His talent is unbelievable, and his moves he put on were even better. Start laying the odds down that Boldin won?t be a Cardinal in three years.

3. Randy Moss
Moss answered a lot of critic?s questions, and showed that he is ready to go this season.

4. Clinton Portis
Portis pretty much won the game for the Broncos, because Jake Plummer didn?t provide anything. The way he keeps bouncing off players and keeps going at his size is amazing.

5. Jeff Blake
He was by far the best quarterback in week one, and shows that he still has it. People forget that Blake has had success, wherever he goes.

6. Travis Henry
Yes he did fumble the football, but he also had two rushing touchdowns. In a week where running backs did nothing, he provided a big boost to your fantasy football team.

7. Chris Chambers
He was the only bright spot for Miami, and had two spectacular touchdowns. This might be the year that Chambers cracks into the top fifteen overall.

8. Hines Ward
He is probably the best possession receiver in the league. He is turning into a Cris Carter, because all he does is catches touchdowns.

9. Stephen Davis
He was able to run all over Jacksonville, even when Rodney Peete was in the game. The Redskins are really going to regret letting him go.

10. Joe Jurevicious
He didn?t have the big stats, but his two catches put him in the top ten for this week.

Top Five Defenses

1. Buffalo
From where they were last to now, is spectacular. The Patriots offense has always thrown all over the Bills, but not this time around.

2. Kansas City
No one thought the Chiefs would be able to shut down Tomlinson, and Boston. Guess what, they did both.

3. New York Giants
The Giants just made the Rams offense look horrible.

4. Tampa Bay
Yet another shutout for this team, I guess that is expected nowadays.

5. Houston
The Dolphins did some things to their defense, but their defense created three turnovers and setup the game winning field goal for the Texans.

Special Teams Player Of The Week

Edward Drummond: He really turned this game around for Detroit with his punt return. He did the exact same thing to the Cardinals last season.


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