JETS Look Horrible

By Zack Cimini

J-E-T-S, JETS, JETS, JETS. The Jets needed about fifty real jets on Thursday after that performance. Vinny Testaverde looked awful, and if that continues the Jets will be one of the worst teams in the whole league.

You know how they say, ?a loss goes fully on the quarterback?? Well, I?ve never seen a case more evident than this game. Testaverde did absolutely nothing for the Jets offense. He looked like he was a scared rookie, instead of playing like a veteran. A junior high school kid could have thrown the passes he was attempting.

The Jets defense started off bad, but than shut down the Redskins offense. Their defensive line was outstanding, and put tremendous pressure on Ramsey. The offense had many chances to take over the game, and just couldn?t get it done. As a matter of fact, all it would have taken was one solid drive.

We all know the Redskins defense isn?t as good as Vinny Testaverde made it look. If Testaverde continues to play this way, it?ll make it extremely easy for defenses. They?ll just zero in on Curtis Martin, and force Testaverde to beat them.

A short passing game is nice, but you have to shake up the defense every once in awhile. Testaverde didn?t even attempt a pass over 20 yards, and only averaged 4.8 yards a pass. That?s the kind of average you hope to get from your running game, not passing game.

Testaverde is the type of player that can shake off this type of performance, but the Jets fans aren?t. Another week or two of this, and Jets fans will be going crazy. It is all up to Testaverde, because the talent is still there. In Santana Moss?s brief action of touching the ball he had a great punt return, Curtis Conway also looked solid on a couple of catches. I?d expect the Jets offensive coordinator, to call a few deep pass plays on the Jets first offensive series next week. Maybe it?ll be some sort of flee flicker, just to get Testaverde?s confidence up. If you think Washington?s defense tore up Testaverde, just wait and see what Miami?s defense will do to him.

In the AFC East there isn?t any time to go on a losing streak, especially in the first month of the season. Buffalo, New England, and Miami are all going to challenge for the title, and the Jets are looking like they?ll be very far behind them. You have to give Chad Pennington credit, because he really does make a difference in the Jets new system. The Jets are just hoping they aren?t 0-5, by the time he makes his comeback.


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