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Let a Series Be a Series

Tuesday, 28 April, 2015


In the Eastern Conference the Hawks and Bulls are making things interesting in their respective series. Chicago has squandered their last two games against the Bucks, while the Hawks lost both road games to Brooklyn. Still, the Bulls are up three games to two and the Hawks have home court advantage.

Calm down people. Just because the Wizards and Cavs swept their opponents doesn’t mean a series can’t be a series. Coaches make adjustments and teams have to be able to respond throughout a series. Obviously, Jason Kidd is showcasing his abilities as a head coach to a level no one imagined.

At the same time this Bucks team is still too young. Maybe they even push the series to seven games but this Bulls team will prevail for the series we are all waiting for. Cleveland versus Chicago.

Atlanta’s problem has more to do with the matchup they’re in against Brooklyn. Brooklyn has the size inside with Lopez and aren’t a poor defensive team. They’ve shown the ability to contain Kyle Korver, Millsap, and Jeff Teague. Once again though, the Hawks have the coach of the year and home court advantage throughout the playoffs.

This series may be a bit trickier to predict the overall winner, but lets not over react on where both Eastern Conference series lie currently. The playoffs stretch from April through June. Rounds are not supposed to end in quick fashion like other sports playoffs. Enjoy the games and be sure to check out my daily plays available here at