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Waiver Wire Post Week Eight

Tuesday, 1 November, 2011




By Zack Cimini


Week eight did not necessarily have a week full of fantasy studs. Thus making this weeks waiver wire crop quite slim. Yet, there are a few names out there that should grab your attention.






Carson Palmer


Due to his atrocious second half against the Chiefs, fantasy owners may have bypassed Palmer for a waiver wire claim. Palmer has had a little more time to get acclimated during the bye week. The team is doing all it can to ensure he feels comfortable. They even worked out former teammate TJ Houshmanzadeh.


Matt Cassel


The funk he was in early on in the season seems a long time ago. Losing Jamaal Charles seems to have put more pressure on Cassel, but he is playing better. Kind of a weird outcome. Part of that has to do with the way the coaching staff has simplified things for Cassel.




Running Backs


Tashard Choice- Choice gets a chance to cause havoc in the Redskins backfield. Mike Shanahan obviously does not like what he has seen from Torain and Helu. Expect Choice to get as much of an opportunity as Shanahan would to a new back in his system.


Curtis Brinkley-


The former Cuse’ running back has come along ways since his collegiate days. Surviving gunshot wounds right after being picked up by the Chargers a few years back, he made the most of his action Monday night against the Chiefs. Mike Tolbert is a big back, so his hamstring injury may be prevalent for quite some time. Running back Ryan Matthews can’t seem to hang onto the football. Brinkley is a quiet sleeper option in deep fantasy leagues.


Javon Ringer- He has been listed several times this year, and I’ll list him once again. Chris Johnson just can’t seem to erase his post getting paid struggles. Maybe now that there is noise that Ringer will share duties or take over, Johnson will finally wake up.


Wide Receivers


Laurent Robinson-


The Cowboys receivers have been anything but sure handed. Dropped balls, fumbles, and injuries have plagued them all year. Dallas may have to resort to the way they have in prior years. Airing the football out constantly to make up for a defense that is going to give up points. That should bode well for all receivers, including Robinson.


Jonathan Baldwin-


Baldwin showcased that he is a physical specimen at 6’4. He had no problem shielding defenders and out leaping them Monday. If Cassel keeps delivering the football down the field, than Baldwin can be a sneaky pickup for the remainder of the season.


Titus Young- Teams are starting to gear up to stop Calvin Johnson and the Lions tight ends. That’s freeing up other playmakers, including Young. A speedster while at Boise State, he is having the same impact as a Lion. Getting down the field for Stafford bombs, has been the only primary catches he has made. Fantasy points can be ten points each connection. Young can fill a void if you’re truly struggling in that department.



Week Eight: Automatic/Don’t Do It

Thursday, 28 October, 2010

By Vidur Malik


Matt Cassel – Look for Cassel to have another big game after good performances against Houston and Jacksonville. The Kansas City Chiefs play the Buffalo Bills on Sunday, who do rank ninth in the NFL in passing defense, but Cassel has had back-to-back games with at least two touchdown passes and no interceptions, so he seems to be finding a rhythm.

Jason Campbell – If Campbell and the Oakland Raiders want to show that their week seven win over the Denver Broncos, in which they scored 59 points, wasn’t a fluke, they have a great opportunity to do so this weekend against the Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks give up over 260 passing yards per game, and rank 2nd in rush defense, so Campbell should have the opportunities to put up good numbers, like he did against Denver.

Don’t Do It: Mark Sanchez – After not throwing an interception in his first five games, Sanchez threw two in the New York Jets’ 24-20 win over Denver in week six. The Jets take on the Green Bay Packers on Sunday, who picked off Brett Favre three times in their week seven win over the Minnesota Vikings. It will be tough for Sanchez to have a mistake-free game against the Pack.

Running Backs

Frank Gore – With the San Francisco 49ers’ quarterback situation again going through changes, Gore will be an even bigger part of an offense in which he is already the main guy. The 49ers play the Denver Broncos, who rank 30th in rush defense, so look for Gore to have a good game on the ground, and a few receptions out of the backfield as well.

Arian Foster – In terms of yards, Foster has struggled in his past two games, but that should change against the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday. The Colts give up over 130 rushing yards a game, so Foster should hit high marks in yards and yards per carry.

Steven Jackson – Jackson and the St. Louis Rams play the Carolina Panthers on Sunday, whose defense is stingy through the air but generous on the ground. Look for Jackson to have a big day against a team that ranks fourth in pass defense and 24th in rush defense.


Jordan Shipley – Shipley had his breakout game in the Cincinnati Bengals’ week seven loss to the Atlanta Falcons, with six catches for 131 yards and a touchdown. Wide receivers Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco also had good games, and Shipley should be able to get plenty of opportunities to become another target for quarterback Carson Palmer.

Mike Williams – Williams and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers take on the Arizona Cardinals, who give up over 220 passing yards per game. Williams has been a consistent target for the Buccaneers’ offense, and is second on the team in receptions, so look for him to have a good day.

Don’t Do It: Brandon Marshall – There’s no doubt that Marshall is a great receiver, but he hasn’t produced as much in terms of fantasy points as other receivers of his caliber. He’s only got one touchdown catch, which is surprising considering his size, which should make him a huge target in red zone and goal-line situations. It might be best to go for a receiver who is a bigger touchdown threat.

Fantasy Starters Week Five

Thursday, 7 October, 2010

By Vidur Malik

Mark Sanchez – Sanchez takes on the Minnesota Vikings’ defense after showing that he can be an efficient, mistake-free quarterback. He hasn’t thrown an interception so far, and even though he’s going up against a tough defense, he’s got the weapons to have another solid game. Wide receiver Braylon Edwards has shown that he can still be effective, and Dustin Keller has become one of the best tight ends in the game. The Jets will also have wide receiver Santonio Holmes starting this week, which should open up the offense more.

Carson Palmer – After sub-par performances in weeks two and three, Palmer threw for 371 yards and two touchdowns in the Cincinnati Bengals’ loss to the Cleveland Browns in week four. Look for Palmer to put up similar numbers this week against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Against Cleveland, wide receiver Terrell Owens had over 200 receiving yards, showing that he is still a threat. If Palmer has found chemistry with T.O., and can still sling the ball to wide receiver Chad Ochocinco and his other weapons, he should have another great game this weekend.

Donovan McNabb- The Washington Redskins play the Green Bay Packers in week five, and McNabb should break out of his streak of average performances. He put up only 125 passing yards against the Philadelphia Eagles in week four, but can have a good game against the Packers. Though Green Bay ranks seventh in pass defense, they gave up 331 yards to Detroit Lions quarterback Shaun Hill in week four. McNabb has the talent and weapons to throw for 300+ yards this weekend as well.

Jamaal Charles – Though he’s only had 34 rushes, Charles is averaging seven yards per carry so far. The Kansas City Chiefs play the Indianapolis Colts this weekend, who are 29th in the league in rush defense. Though running back Thomas Jones has gotten the bulk of the carries this season, Charles’ explosiveness will help him and the Chiefs run through the Colts’ defense.

Tim Hightower – The Arizona Cardinals host the New Orleans Saints on Sunday, and Hightower should have a big day after his team got blown out by the San Diego Chargers in week four. Hightower averages 5.5 yards per rush, and the Saints’ defense struggles to stop the run. We had Carolina Panthers’ running back DeAngelo Williams on the week four start ‘em list for the same reason, and he had a solid game against the Saints. Hightower should do the same.

Matt Forte – When the Chicago Bears play the Carolina Panthers on Sunday, Todd Collins will be starting for Chicago, according to reports. That means that Forte should be the go-to guy for the offense, and he’s got the ability to be that guy. He’s had a tough year on the ground so far, but leads the Bears in receptions with 16, which means he can get you points on the ground and through the air.

Brandon Pettigrew – The Detroit Lions’ tight end leads the team in receiving, and should be a safe target for quarterback Shaun Hill when the Lions play the St. Louis Rams on Sunday. Though Pettigrew doesn’t have a touchdown catch yet, that can change quickly because he’s a big guy who can be a great redzone weapon. He’s coming off an eight-catch, 91-yard game against Green Bay, and should put up more good numbers against the Rams.

Derrick Mason – Mason is the most reliable target on the Baltimore Ravens’ offense, and has been doing it for years. Though wide receiver Anquan Boldin is the Ravens’ receiving leader, Mason has seen his reception totals go up with every game so far this year, and against a Denver Broncos’ defense that has a below-average pass defense, Mason should continue to see his stats rise.

Lance Moore – Of all the weapons the New Orleans Saints have on offense, it’s Moore who’s leading the team in receiving yards and touchdowns. He’s fourth on the team with 14 catches, but has a 14.9 yards per catch average, which is tops on the team. Though anyone can have a big day for the Saints, most of their weapons put up pretty consistent numbers once they become a key part of the offense. Moore has done that this year. Look for quarterback Drew Brees to stretch the Cardinals’ defense with deep throws to Moore.

NFL Team Rankings Post Week One

Friday, 17 September, 2010

By Zack Cimini
We won’t look to far into week one as there is a long ways to go. Some teams caught everyone off guard such as Kansas City and the Texans. The shocking teams usually do just that and fade as the season goes on. Will see how real both those teams are, or if they end up being the Denver Broncos of last season. Glance away to see where your team lands on this weeks power rankings.

1. New Orleans Saints
2. Baltimore Ravens
3. Minnesota Vikings
4. Green Bay Packers
5. Indianapolis Colts
6. Houston Texans
7. Tennessee Titans
8. New York Giants
9. New England Patriots
10. New York Jets
11. Pittsburgh Steelers
12. Dallas Cowboys
13. San Diego Chargers
14. Washington Redskins
15. Cincinnati Bengals
16. Philadelphia Eagles
17. Arizona Cardinals
18. Miami Dolphins
19. Jacksonville Jaguars
20. Kansas City Chiefs
21. Chicago Bears
22. Denver Broncos
23. San Francisco 49ers
24. Atlanta Falcons
25. Seattle Seahawks
26. Carolina Panthers
27. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
28. Buffalo Bills
29. Detroit Lions
30. Oakland Raiders
31. Cleveland Browns
32. St. Louis Rams

Week 1 Picks

Sunday, 12 September, 2010

By Zack Cimini

Carolina +6
Miami -3
Atlanta -1.5
Detroit +6.5
Cincinnati +5
Cleveland +3
Jacksonville -3
Indianapolis -1.5
Tennessee -6.5
Green Bay -3
San Fran -3
St. Louis +4
Washington +3.5
Baltimore +2
KC +4.5

Naysayers Go That Way

Sunday, 1 August, 2010

By Zack Cimini

For a minute the football world looked like it would be TO free for 2010. The media was jumping on the fact that Terrell Owens had little interest for months. Teams would speculate at the possibility but ultimately say they were going to look in a different route. The Jets, Seahawks, etc. all decided that Terrell wasn’t worth a years deal. By looking at what happened last season it was not too hard to predict this was coming. Buffalo was pretty much the only team that had strong interest last off-season. Were pretty sure if Terrell had serious options he would have went elsewhere. Come on, who would sign on to play where they knew getting the football would be as hard as Jamarcus Russell throwing an accurate pass over five yards?

A team that is not afraid to be contrarian is the Cincinnati Bengals. They’ve brought in and resigned troubled players in the past like Chris Henry and Tank Johnson. They’ve been subjected to numerous internal issues with players getting in trouble off the field. As the business goes any signing is a risk. Faulting a team for making a mistake is the way things go. No one expected Cedric Benson to resurrect his career. Turning from a third or fourth running back on many fantasy teams to being the main running back. It paid off.

The signing of Terrell Owens is as sneaky as can be. He goes in without having to have the responsibilities of the sole main option at receiver. All the years Terrell Owens has been a number one receiver he played opposite second receivers that were more comparable to a third or fourth receiver. In San Francisco it was JJ Stokes, Philadelphia Reggie Brown, and in Buffalo Lee Evans followed by a bunch of no names. Call it a perfect link but teaming up with Chad Johnson and Antonio Bryant is Owens best fit maybe of his career. Balls are going to be a plenty as well. Definitely at a higher clip than was in Buffalo. Throw last year out, and Cincinnati had some formidable years with there receivers one through three putting up fantasy stats. Chad Johnson, TJ Housh, and Chris Henry were one of the best triple threats in the league.

A Hall of Fame player such as Owens may be putting on the Hollywood smile right now. Away from the camera he is on a mission to show that he still has it. He wants to prove to teams and owners throughout the league that not entertaining or submitting an offer to him was a big mistake. Sure he may have lost a step but he has the smarts, physical tools, and playmaking ability to be that additional threat that makes Cincinnati a scary team.

Compared to last season things look golden for TO. The Bills pathetic offense had a hard time mustering 100 yards a game through the air, and that was a losing team usually down early. Carson Palmer had his ups and downs last season but is now two full years from his 2008 season ending elbow injury. Besides that last year Palmer struggled to find other options besides Chad Johnson. Chris Henry was out with injury before his tragic death, and they had let Housh go. Guys that had been with Carson for years were gone and the high hopes for Lavernues Coles meeting expectations just didn’t happen.

The Bengals have upgraded their offense a few notches with TO and Antonio Bryant. We expect TO to be an above average second receiver. Lots of owners will probably be able to be lucky enough to have TO as their third fantasy wide receiver. Even as a second fantasy wideout on your teams we believe he will pay huge dividends. The yardage totals may not be as large as his prime years but hovering near double digit touchdowns should become an actuality. Last year we had TO on our list of top ten busts, this year we love him. What a difference a one year contract makes.