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Post Week Twelve Team Rankings

Thursday, 28 November, 2013

Post Week Twelve Team Rankings


1. Seattle Seahawks- Their record indicates they should be ranked number one in football. I’m still hesitant that they’ll be a dominant playoff team.
2. Denver Broncos- A loss on the road in New England is acceptable. The way it happened isn’t. The Broncos should rally from this loss to put away teams at a higher rate.
3. New Orleans- Monday Night’s game against the Seattle Seahawks just became the best prime time game of the season.
4. San Francisco 49ers- They seem to be getting healthy at the right time. Weapons for Kap to throw to is going to be huge for his confidence.
5. New England Patriots- When will their limitations on defense rear its head? It may be in the playoffs.
6. Carolina Panthers- I’m waiting to see the downfall game from Cam Newton. It’s lurking, but he did a fantastic job on leading his team to a comeback win against Miami.
7. Kansas City- A couple of losses in their division have raised some legitimate questions to how prepared this team will be in the playoffs.
8. Cincinnati Bengals- The Bengals are still a team that no one truly knows what they’re capable of. This weekend’s game against the Chargers will be a true test for this team.
9. Dallas Cowboys- I wrote an article a few weeks ago in regards to poor divisions translating to success for the division winner in the playoffs. Dallas may be that team to surprise this season in the postseason. First they have to battle the month of December, which has been their nemesis.
10. Detroit Lions- Detroit is the one team in football that has played beneath their capabilities but is still in position to control their own destiny. There is too much talent on this Lions team to keep them from a division title.
11. Arizona Cardinals
12. Baltimore Ravens
13. Pittsburgh Steelers
14. Philadelphia Eagles
15. Miami Dolphins
16. San Diego Chargers
17. St. Louis Rams
18. Indianapolis Colts
19. Green Bay Packers
20. Tennessee Titans
21. Chicago Bears
22. NY Jets
23. NY Giants
24. Cleveland Browns
25. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
26. Oakland Raiders
27. Washington Redskins
28. Buffalo Bills
29. Minnesota Vikings
30. Jacksonville Jaguars
31. Atlanta Falcons
32. Houston Texans

Post Week Eleven NFL Team Rankings

Wednesday, 20 November, 2013

Post Week Eleven NFL Team Rankings


1. Denver- The Broncos knocked off the undefeated Chiefs with ease. They’ll have to repeat with another win in a few weeks to stay atop the rankings.
2. Seattle- Seattle has went from winning ugly to getting back on track atop the NFC unquestionably.
3. Kansas City- Many expected the Chiefs to lose in Denver but aren’t counting them out in a rematch. To show that they are true contenders they’ll need to get the win.
4. New Orleans- A win is a win as they say. New Orleans defense returned to form after a few shaky outings.
5. Carolina- Early in the season the Panthers lost a couple of close games against the Bills and Seahawks. Now they’ve ran off six straight wins including big wins over the 49ers and Patriots.
6. New England- The Patriots get a huge test on Sunday night football against the Broncos. Brady and the Patriots have lost the type of close games that were unheard of in prior Brady years.
7. Indianapolis- It looked like for a minute the Colts were on the downswing of their season against the Titans. But they did what they always do and battled back strongly for an encouraging win.
8. Cincinnati Bengals- The Bengals can win games in different fashions. For the second time this season defensive scores aided in comeback wins. They had the same formula in a win over Green Bay at home as to what happened against the Cleveland Browns. After the win the team as a whole was sparked. Maybe that will happen again.
9. Philadelphia- The Eagles are riding the hot hand of Nick Foles and are adding a bit of defense that was not seen early in the season.
10. Chicago- The Bears may have won against the Lions with McCown in but credit Trestman for making the switch until Cutler is 100 percent healthy.
11. San Francisco
12. Arizona
13. Dallas
14. Detroit
15. Baltimore Ravens
16. Miami Dolphins
17. Pittsburgh
18. Green Bay Packers
19. NY Giants
20. San Diego Chargers
21. NY Jets
22. St. Louis Rams
23. Tennessee
24. Buffalo
25. Cleveland Browns
26. Oakland Raiders
27. Washington Redskins
28. Minnesota
29. Houston
30. Tampa Bay
31. Atlanta
32. Jacksonville


Wednesday, 9 October, 2013



1. Denver Broncos- They surrendered 48 points defensively and still won on the road.
2. Seattle Seahawks- Even with a loss they stay at the number two spot. Defensively they allotted a comeback by Andrew Luck which has happened to plenty of teams in two years.
3. New Orleans Saints- The defense is a top fifteen unit but how will it perform against the big dogs come playoff time?
4. San Francisco- It looks like Jim Harbaugh got the message to run the ball more after Frank Gore went on a rant two weeks ago.
5. Kansas City Chiefs- The Chiefs aren’t winning exactly how a dominant top five team typically does, but they’re 5-0
6. New England
7. Green Bay Packers
8. Indianapolis
9. Chicago Bears
10. Cincinnati
11. Baltimore Ravens
12. Detroit Lions
13. Houston Texans
14. Dallas Cowboys
15. Atlanta Falcons
16. Miami Dolphins
17. Tennessee Titans
18. Arizona Cardinals
19. San Diego Chargers
20. Cleveland Browns
21. Philadelphia Eagles
22. NY Jets
23. Carolina Panthers
24. Washington Redskins
25. Minnesota Vikings
26. Buffalo Bills
27. Pittsburgh Steelers
28. NY Giants
29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
30. Oakland Raiders
31. St. Louis Rams
32. Jacksonville Jaguars

Week Two Team Rankings

Thursday, 12 September, 2013

Week Two Team Rankings


1. San Francisco- The 49ers fought off a strong effort from Green Bay in week one. More impressive was quarterback Colin Kaepernick who made several spectacular pocket passes.
2. Denver-They’ve had a long layover from their week one performance but had the best half of any team in week one.
3. Seattle- It took them nearly the entire game but they earned a hard fought road victory over Carolina
4. Houston- Credit the Texans for coming back on the stage of a Monday Night road game. They’ve always been a talented regular season team. They’ll need to show more come playoff time.
5. Atlanta- The Falcons are in a tough division and are going to need to try and win the other five games left against their NFC South opponents.
6. New England
7. Chicago
8. Cincinnatti
9. Dallas
10. Green Bay
11. Baltimore
12. New Orleans
13. Indianapolis
14. NY Giants
15. St. Louis Rams
16. Philadelphia Eagles
17. Miami Dolphins
18. Kansas City Chiefs
19. Washington Redskins
20. Pittsburgh Steelers
21. Detroit Lions
22. Minnesota Vikings
23. Carolina Panthers
24. Arizona Cardinals
25. Tennessee Titans
26. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
27. Buffalo Bills
28. San Diego
29. NY Jets
30. Cleveland Browns
31. Oakland Raiders
32. Jacksonville Jaguars

NFL Team Rankings Post Week Eight

Tuesday, 2 November, 2010

By Zack Cimini

Now that we’re halfway past the regular season things are unfolding for divisional races. Based upon watching NFL games most should know the top ten teams. See where your team falls even if you’re team isn’t looking like a playoff contender. From here on out which teams will fade out of the playoff picture with a poor losing streak? Which will rise out of the ashes and pop up in the wild card race?

1. New England- Weekly they’re grabbing wins and playing great football. How does Bellicheck do it every year?
2. Pittsburgh- Since Big Ben’s returned the ground game has stalled a bit. There’s no denying that this team will stay in the top five all year.
3. NY Jets- After a bye week you’d expect a hell of a lot better performance. Looks like the Jets to the Packers lightly.
4. Baltimore Ravens- We know the veterans on this team appreciated the week off.
5. Indianapolis Colts- Nice solid win against the Texans.
6. NY Giants- Even with a bye week they look more and more like the best team in the NFC.
7. Atlanta Falcons- As long as injuries don’t strike them, they’re looking like a playoff bye week contender.
8. Houston Texans- Looking like they’re going to slip the second half of the year. Once again.
9. Green Bay Packers- We didn’t think the Packers had the defense to match their offense.
10. New Orleans Saints- It wasn’t the offensive juggernaut were use to, but in the fourth quarter they made the big plays.

11. Tennessee Titans- Sitting at 5-3, their bye week awaits. It’s going to be a dog fight finish for them. In the end we think they’ll be one of the last teams knocked out of playoff contention.
12. Kansas City Chiefs- Winning with their quarterback struggling to throw 100 yards.
13. Oakland Raiders- Shhhh, Oakland’s thinking playoffs.
14. Philadelphia Eagles- The back and forth rotation at quarterback switches back to the legs and arms of Mike Vick.
15.  Miami Dolphins- 4-0 on the road. Miami will need to figure out their red zone offense woes if they want to get on an accrued win streak.
16. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Two years from now Josh Freeman will be a Pro Bowler.
17. San Diego Chargers- They’re back to where they love to be. In a hole that they’ll try and dig themselves out for the next six weeks.
18. St. Louis Rams- Sam Bradford refuses to make mistakes. How much longer will he be able to go before they begin to happen?
19. Washington Redskins- A loss isn’t supposed to start your team on a downward dive. Donovan McNabb’s kept his mouth shut all year with horrible surrounding talent offensively. Now he has to play with the same worries as in years past.
20. Minnesota Vikings- One more loss and Favre’s reign and career is likely over.
Best of The Rest

21. Chicago Bears
22. Seattle Seahawks
23. Jacksonville Jaguars
24. Dallas Cowboys
25. Cincinnati Bengals
26. San Francisco 49ers
27. Denver Broncos
28. Arizona Cardinals
29. Cleveland Browns
30. Detroit Lions
31. Buffalo Bills
32. Carolina Panthers

Post Week Seven Team Rankings

Tuesday, 26 October, 2010

By Zack Cimini

Cowboys fans were not going to sugar coat your team anymore. Everyone saw in front of a national Monday Night audience that there is no hope. Put your hopes in a basket with the San Francisco 49ers, cause the hopes now shift to landing a top draft pick. The NFL isn’t clearing up at all in the NFC, but the AFC is rounding into shape. Teams are continuing to win and create separation in their divisions. Will that last remains to be seen. Here is a look at our updated rankings.

1. Pittsburgh- Miami hurt themselves countless times by not capitalizing in the redzone. Pittsburgh did what they do best and that’s win close games.

2. New York Jets- No NY Jets got into trouble off the field during a bye week. Is Rex Ryan finally getting his team under control off the field?

3. New England- San Diego did what they typically do, and waited until the fourth quarter to decide to play. New England is winning now but needs to find a running game or a slip is inevitable.

4. Baltimore Ravens- The defense is going to need to play more disguised coverages with their weak cornerbacks. Fitzpatrick completely tore them apart and did it with total control. Joe Flacco needs to round back into form for the Ravens to be contenders playoff time.

5. Indianapolis Colts- Usually when teams have a bye week it allows players to recoup and rest from minor injuries. Too bad for the Colts they’ve been plagued and decimated by injuries that are season long.

6. NY Giants- Turning the ball over like a college football team and still winning decidedly. They’re becoming a lethal team more and more by the week.

7. Houston Texans- The almighty rematch against the Colts. On paper the Texans should be better. We’ll see what happens when they step onto the field Sunday.

8. Atlanta Falcons- Michael Turner and Roddy White are playing at a top five level in their respective positions. Squandering a three touchdown lead in less than a quarter was numbing. They did get the win though.

9. Tennessee Titans- The Titans were a handoff away from being down an insurmountable lead late in the third quarter. The turnover created by their defense sparked some energy into Kerry Collins and his arm. Once that happened the Kenny Britt show lasted for a quarter and a half. The air attack to setup Chris Johnson might be the new route to take.

10. Green Bay Packers- A gutsy performance and win on both sides of the ball. The team laid a lot on the field and you have to wonder how much in the tank is left. Two overtime losses and that game can take their toll. They still have two more games to play before their bye week.

11. New Orleans Saints- Like Eminem stated in his infamous song,. Saints fans are asking, “Can the real Drew Brees please stand up? It’s like he has been hit by the zapper in honey I shrunk the kids. We all knew he was a short quarterback. It just seems like more balls are being batted down, and that he is having a harder time recognizing disguised zone coverages.

12. Philadelphia Eagles- Time to switch quarterbacks again. Mike Vick was ready to go Sunday but Reid wanted to wait until after the bye week. He’ll make the announcement before this weekend on Vick. His deep ball and legs are too vital upsides over Kevin Kolb.

13. Kansas City Chiefs- Charles, Jones, and McCluster. It’s going to be rather difficult for teams to figure that tandem out. The defense did get roughed up a tad against the pass, especially in the first half against Jacksonville.

14. Oakland Raiders- Whew! Oakland’s back. As the Chargers and Broncos fade, it looks like the division will be in the hands of either Oakland or Kansas City.

15. Washington Redskins- Sunday’s display offensively by McNabb might have been one of his worst performances in some odd years. He needs to regroup and play to the talent around him. He may expect individuals to be able to do something he wants, but the talent just isn’t near what he had in Philadelphia. If they’re going to win it’s going to be from a ball control style of offense, and their defense holding teams in check.

Best of the Rest

16. Miami Dolphins
17. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
18. Minnesota Vikings
19. Seattle Seahawks
20. Chicago Bears
21. San Diego Chargers
22. Dallas Cowboys
23. St. Louis Rams
24. Denver Broncos
25. Cincinnati Bengals
26. Jacksonville Jaguars
27. Cleveland Browns
28. Arizona Cardinals
29. Carolina Panthers
30. Detroit Lions
31. Buffalo Bills
32. San Francisco 49ers