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NFL Team Rankings Post Week Eight

Tuesday, 2 November, 2010

By Zack Cimini

Now that we’re halfway past the regular season things are unfolding for divisional races. Based upon watching NFL games most should know the top ten teams. See where your team falls even if you’re team isn’t looking like a playoff contender. From here on out which teams will fade out of the playoff picture with a poor losing streak? Which will rise out of the ashes and pop up in the wild card race?

1. New England- Weekly they’re grabbing wins and playing great football. How does Bellicheck do it every year?
2. Pittsburgh- Since Big Ben’s returned the ground game has stalled a bit. There’s no denying that this team will stay in the top five all year.
3. NY Jets- After a bye week you’d expect a hell of a lot better performance. Looks like the Jets to the Packers lightly.
4. Baltimore Ravens- We know the veterans on this team appreciated the week off.
5. Indianapolis Colts- Nice solid win against the Texans.
6. NY Giants- Even with a bye week they look more and more like the best team in the NFC.
7. Atlanta Falcons- As long as injuries don’t strike them, they’re looking like a playoff bye week contender.
8. Houston Texans- Looking like they’re going to slip the second half of the year. Once again.
9. Green Bay Packers- We didn’t think the Packers had the defense to match their offense.
10. New Orleans Saints- It wasn’t the offensive juggernaut were use to, but in the fourth quarter they made the big plays.

11. Tennessee Titans- Sitting at 5-3, their bye week awaits. It’s going to be a dog fight finish for them. In the end we think they’ll be one of the last teams knocked out of playoff contention.
12. Kansas City Chiefs- Winning with their quarterback struggling to throw 100 yards.
13. Oakland Raiders- Shhhh, Oakland’s thinking playoffs.
14. Philadelphia Eagles- The back and forth rotation at quarterback switches back to the legs and arms of Mike Vick.
15.  Miami Dolphins- 4-0 on the road. Miami will need to figure out their red zone offense woes if they want to get on an accrued win streak.
16. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Two years from now Josh Freeman will be a Pro Bowler.
17. San Diego Chargers- They’re back to where they love to be. In a hole that they’ll try and dig themselves out for the next six weeks.
18. St. Louis Rams- Sam Bradford refuses to make mistakes. How much longer will he be able to go before they begin to happen?
19. Washington Redskins- A loss isn’t supposed to start your team on a downward dive. Donovan McNabb’s kept his mouth shut all year with horrible surrounding talent offensively. Now he has to play with the same worries as in years past.
20. Minnesota Vikings- One more loss and Favre’s reign and career is likely over.
Best of The Rest

21. Chicago Bears
22. Seattle Seahawks
23. Jacksonville Jaguars
24. Dallas Cowboys
25. Cincinnati Bengals
26. San Francisco 49ers
27. Denver Broncos
28. Arizona Cardinals
29. Cleveland Browns
30. Detroit Lions
31. Buffalo Bills
32. Carolina Panthers