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Saturday, 8 November, 2014


My premium plays board has been set for a few days. Under today’s picks you can view the nine game weekend slate I have. Five plays in college football and four in the NFL. All college plays start after 12PM PST with the majority after four PM.

To view some analysis and free plays be sure to watch my NFL Sunday video with Kellyinvegas or weekly segments with John Cranton, and Hollis Barnhart via JimFeist’s Youtube channel.

Here are a few tips to help you this college football Saturday.

**Know your plays beforehand
Whenever there is a big college football board like today people tend to lose discipline. You must have your plays set before you arrive to your local sportsbook. I see it week in and week out where people start talking to their buddies or whoever and blindly placing extra bets. That’s exactly the same recipe that traps people in normal casino games. Stick to a winning formula. Go to your book with plays ready and stick to that throughout the day. If you get dragged into a negative day from improper discipline you have no one to blame but yourself.

**Parlays, live bets, halftime wagers, teasers
Full game ticket wagering is what 90% of the general population places a wager on. Live wagering is something that has taken off in Europe and is picking up steam in the United States. The crazy swings of a game aren’t worth a live bet in the late third quarter or fourth quarter. All that is doing is upping the handle of the sportsbook. There is a reason why the line is -110 on both sides.

**Lost value in line movement
This is an easy one to say but needs to be drilled in for a college Saturday. I see so many people have supreme line discipline for the NFL, NBA, and other major sports. But when it comes to college football it’s like a prism of feasting on Thanksgiving day. Everything is thrown out the window and you can gorge on anything you see in front of you. The magical stare at a prime SEC or Pac-12 game and jumping on the over on Saturday. Zero effort is given that the over/under total has moved 4-6 points since opening on Sunday. Don’t jump on a ship that’s set sail on Tuesday and expect to have smooth sailing.

Enjoy the games and let me know how you fared via twitter@cimini