During the NBA playoffs the bookmaker or sportsbook typically rakes in at a higher rate. People placing wagers just can’t ignore what they’ve last seen. Therefore miscues are made as people get in a one-set mind state.

The Chicago Bulls and Washington Wizards has been neck and neck with the Pacers/Hawks as the ugliest series thus far. Game three the Bulls toughed it out and got a narrow win at Washington. The Wizards struggled offensively when it mattered most, and the Bulls did just enough to grab the win.

More than likely the total is going to attract sharp and public money on the under. Nene Hilario has to sit out due to suspension and people are going to expect the struggles they saw in game three.

I’m going to go the opposite direction here. The first two games of the series were not even close to the set total.

The Bulls are not the dominant defensive team that they were in prior playoff years. It’s a team that is patched on the offensive and defensive end. There is no D-Rose, Luol Deng, Rip Hamilton, or Ronnie Brewer.

Their younger in the guard and forward positions. They can play stretches of strong defenses but entire games is a bit much to expect.

Nailing a total in the low 180’s in any NBA game is difficult. Take the over as Sunday’s free play.


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