Sometimes focusing on a first half play is advantageous. Tonight features three playoff NBA games. Since game one’s I have put a halt to NBA plays to feel out the plethora of series on going.

Not much has changed for today but I do have a total in one of the three games, as a premium play.

For a free play we will roll with the Clippers. They are a slight .5 point favorite for the first two quarters. Golden State in my opinion has not been a strong first half team all season. It’s a pattern that has shown time and time again especially at home.

Some will say, won’t a playoff atmosphere increase their play out the gate? It could, but I don’t see much changing in the first half from a blowout loss a few nights ago. The rude awakening will likely come at halftime and spark them for a run or two in the second half.

Golden State is just not a good team out the gate, while the Clippers are the exact opposite. They get off to fast starts.

Play the Clippers first half tonight.


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