Just a few days ago the San Antonio Spurs were the odds on favorite to win the NBA championship. After a dominating series against the Trailblazers they continued to make things look easy in the first two games of their series against Oklahoma City.

Their team looked deeper than ever. The second unit could come in and expand the lead with ease. The tables have turned thanks to one healing player. Serge Ibaka.

This swing in the series not only reshapes the possibilities of a Finals representative, it gives a whole new spin on the NBA futures odds. Jay Kornegay and his team at the LVH Hilton will be putting out a dramatic shift in championship odds.

This happens from time to time in the NBA, but Miami will surely be the odds on favorite once again.

To hand them the title seems like a virtual reality, but I’m not sold on this Heat team. They’ve been able to uplift themselves as a true contender because of the weakened East. There wasn’t a strong team at all in their way this season.

That will change versus the Spurs or Thunder. Two teams the Heat have defeated in prior finals, but those were also stronger Heat teams.

As brittle as the Heat are, one minor injury or a stretch of poor games by one of their big three could do them in. If Chris Bosh plays as poorly as he has the Heat may find themselves in a big series hole like the first go around against Dallas.

Swaying the daily pendulum of the new hot team days are numbered. Now is your chance to mark your team and see what happens over the course of the next two and a half weeks.

My money would still remain on the Spurs.


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