Rumors are swirling about the Philadelphia 76ers possibly cashing in on Michael Carter-Williams rookie season by trading him. It sounds ludicrous but what else would you expect after the other moves made by the 76ers this season?

Carter-Williams was not only the lone bright spot to the 76ers season but for the 2013 rookie class as well. The talent from the draft was one of the worst first year combined seasons in quite awhile.

The possibility of the 76ers trading Carter-Williams is circled around the possiblity of drafting Dante Exum. My question is why would they consider drafting him? Carter-Williams displayed that he was a gem of a pick as the 11th selection last year. Instead of trying to replace him why not build around him?

Williams only has more room for growth. A questionable jump shot should improve with consistent offseason work. Williams biggest area for improvement is adding muscle and weight to his slender frame. An area he has improved on since his days at Syracuse, but still has a lot of room for growth.

Scouts do not even have a lot of footage of Dante Exum. Saying this type of trade would be a gamble is a huge understatement.

Yes the 76ers would likely get key talent in return for Williams, but at what price? Veterans that want to coast in Philadelphia, or transition young athletes that are considered worthy of a trade? Philadelphia is well under the salary cap but making this type of move would bolster it considerably. You already have Williams under contract at a bargain price. While this season you have two first round picks and five in the second round.

Again I do not see the reason to even entertain this idea. Keep Williams through his rookie contract and wait for his natural progression. He is certainly on his way to being one of the top point guards in the NBA. By the time his rookie contract concludes, he will be at a prime age while other top point guards are well into their 30’s.

I think all the trades the 76ers have done over the past year, have them a bit trigger happy in Carter-Williams case.

Hold that thought Philadelphia. Go back to considering who you’re going to draft with two of the top ten picks.


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