Second Half Comeback Teams


Weighing all aspects of gaining an advantage in handicapping is premium to a seasons percentages. The platform for supposed handicapping sharks is to run the gamut with live betting, first quarter action and of course full game action. Many will also try to get their hands on second half action. Plethora of reasons could be involved. True logic based on what you have seen, offsetting a full game wager, and the notion this article is about involving second half teams.

College basketball is truly a game of two halves. A team can come out unfocused with poor shot selection and beleaguered reactions to a team coming out with more energy. Time and time again you will witness a team down by double digits at halftime only to turn it around in the first five minutes of the second half.

To a person that did not witness the game the final score would not resemble the battle the winning team truly had.

Coaches play the biggest factor in my mind in college basketball than any other sport. They battle the ups and downs of their team in all four phases of a college season up to March Madness. On the fly they have to make the necessary adjustments to give their team a premium chance of winning.

This season alone Jay Wright of Villanova made the astute but daring move to bench his senior Jayvaughn Pinkston against Iowa. Pinkston leads the team in points per game, but while on the floor Iowa surged to double digit leads for the majority of the game. With Pinkston on the bench Villanova was quicker on both ends of the floor for Iowa. It led to tenacious defense and open shooters on the offensive end. Over the final nine minutes and overtime the Wildcats made nine three pointers.

That was a necessary adjustment by coach Jay Wright that led to a tournament title in the Battle 4 Atlantis which ultimately boosts a teams camaraderie and morale.

A key number in second half lines for handicappers has to factor in top tier head coaches. They’ll make the necessary adjustments and explain it in harsh words behind locker room doors at halftime. Jim Boeheim and Syracuse have done this time and time again with his patented zone defense. Cracks exposed by a hot shooter or ball movement will be countered by the Orange. This has led to countless second half stretches where teams will go five, seven, and even nine minutes plus without a basket.

Other keys to look out for are great full court pressure teams. Coaches that sense their team needs a spark will implement their full court press to ignite a struggling half court offense. Perhaps the best team at this has been Louisville. That was with Peyton Siva and Russ Smith paired together. Its been a work in progress to start the year but Chris Jones should be able to partner with Smith to create the typical havoc of a press Louisville defense.

Before you rush to login on your favorite online sportsbook or to the ticket window at your state casino sportsbook, keep in mind these factors. The reactionary first half impulse second half moves will lead to an unnecessary downfall and losses.

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