Eight fantasy weeks are officially in the books. Owners sitting on the outskirts of playoff contention need to rev up their team’s for one last push. While fantasy owners looking behind them at team’s one or two game’s out need to extend their lead in the standings. This is a crucial stretch to get yourself in position. Lets take a look at some viable names that did well in week eight that can give you an added boost.

Teddy Bridgewater
Bridgewater is going to have his bumps and bruises for the rest of this season. While people are clamoring on adding Mike Vick, I’d rather grab Bridgewater. He has better talent on offense and his scrambling ability is not going to get him crushed. Add to the fact that he has super talented speedsters in Jerrick McKinnon and Patterson. Simple catches can turn into big gainers and inflate Bridgewater’s overall numbers.

Colt McCoy
McCoy proved myself and a lot of doubters wrong Monday night. It looks like it’s his team for the immediate future as RG3 looks to strengthen his ankle. I could easily see McCoy getting the next two to three weeks of starts as the Redskins halt rushing RG3 back too early.

Jonas Gray
I was not a believer in Patriots running back Bolden, and it looks like the Patriots staff wasn’t either. Jonas Gray had a stout performance against a shaky Bears team. The platoon system likely will relegate the amount of carries Gray gets on a week to week basis. But he is their number one threat currently carrying the football and Vereen the pass catching back.

Christine Michael
The Seahawks may not win the division title but they sure plan on being a wild card team. I don’t see their current plan of allowing Russ Wilson to scramble countless times working long term. Sooner or later they’ll need to bolster the amount of carries Lynch and Michael are receiving. If Michael can get 10-12 carries a game he should be a fantasy threat, especially with Lynch unhappy as a Seahawk.

Mike Evans
People are growing tired of Evans as they watch Sammy Watkins and Kelvin Benjamin light up opposing NFL defenses. What Watkins and Benjamin are doing aren’t the norm for rookies. Be patient with Evans as the Buccaneers as a whole are a mess. With nine games still remaining on the season, Evans should have a solid three to four games to offer for fantasy owners.

John Brown
It’s not often a third wide receiver gets solid fantasy value. With the injuries Arizona had at quarterback some leagues may have left Brown out of waiver consideration. Brown was thought to be better with Drew Stanton because of extra practice reps together. Brown’s proving that notion wrong by putting up strong performances with Carson Palmer. Brown has caught several game winning touchdowns in the fourth quarter this year, including last week’s against the Eagles and earlier against the 49ers.

Mychal Rivera
Oakland may not have a winning product on the football field but that is leading to some strong underrated fantasy value this season. Owners of wideouts James Jones and Andre Holmes have been happy with the output of production they have received. Rivera is the latest to string up some success. Add him as the Raiders being down to division opponents in the Chiefs, Broncos, Chargers, and rest of the NFL will continue.


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