Zack is coming off his third straight NFL Sunday sweep (26-5-1 (84%), posting a 5-0 ATS record. His winners included the New England Patriots, Bengals, Bills, under Jags/Dolphins, and over Packers/Saints. Zack’s plays are documented on kellyinvegas.com and jimfeist.com.

As for tonight in Monday Night football it’s not a game that I plan on putting action on. Public money seems to be on the right side this week, so we’ll see if that carries over into tonight’s game.

Dallas has had some great wins against the Saints and Seahawks, but also had some dud performances against the Rams and Texans. It could be a little bit of playing down to their competition.

Washington clearly is not in the same boat of class as the Cowboys are right now. Colt McCoy gets the start and it may be his last as an NFL quarterback. His downward spiral as an NFL quarterback has faded quickly since his departure from Cleveland. But while a Brown he did show some resiliency in tough spots. That wasn’t enough to win the third string battle in San Francisco last year.

As tough as it sounds my best advice in this game would be to sit it out or see if you can get a live bet on the Cowboys under the current number. Maybe early on the Cowboys are down 7-0 and you can get the line at far less value.

Enjoy the game tonight and come back later in the week for football plays.


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