Post Week 12 Waiver Wire

With two fantasy football regular season weeks left, the doors have all but shut on seventy percent of fantasy football teams. Most leagues only have four playoff spots. Just like the NFL the division spots are all but wrapped up most of the time a few weeks in advance of the closing out of the season. Still, there are always those cases of down to the wire battles and teams that have fought their way back into a miracle situation. The waiver wire can’t be any more important than right now if you’re in that category.


Ryan Fitzpatrick
Fitzpatrick is going to be tested, perhaps, for the rest of the season. Jamie Martin has no future value for the Rams, so why not test out the young rookie? They will and they hope he can have repeat performances like last weekend. He is a smart kid (went to Harvard) and has great size. He shouldn’t have a problem connecting with the weapons St. Louis has. In fact, Marc Bulger may want to protect himself next year by staying on the field.

Charlie Frye
The Browns have been whispering about inserting him all year, and now appear to be set to state that. Trent Dilfer has done a fine job this season, and will likely be kept around Cleveland. He is the perfect backup quarterback that won’t make mistakes. But it’s about to be 2006, not 2000. His days in the NFL are dwindling. So Frye needs the experience now.

Philip Rivers
If the Chargers dump the next couple of games, it’s almost a guarantee that Philip Rivers will be inserted. The playoffs are looking dim for the Chargers right now, but isn’t out of the question. Rivers would have a lot to prove and could be a fantasy football playoff difference maker. Especially for teams with a quarterback like Peyton Manning, who’ll be on light duty.

JP Losman
Eric Moulds and Lee Evans are notorious for burning Miami defensive backs. For Moulds it dates back to the late 90’s, and Evans last year as a rookie. Whatever it is, that trend should continue this week. Miami is depleted with injuries that will open up the running game for Willis McGahee. Furthermore, Losman will be able to make big plays down field all day long.

David Carr
He had his best game by far of the season against the Rams. Almost anyone could have pointed out an explosion against the Rams, who’ve been torched by almost every team. Before this season people expected the Texans to contend for a playoff spot. Maybe they’ll start their season in the final five games, and end on a role. If so, Carr will have top ten quarterback stats to finish out the year.

Running Backs

Kevan Barlow
We’re shocked he has been able to hang on to his starting job all season. He started to produce in the last month, and is receiving a steady load. He is just insurance to have in case of an injury on your fantasy team.

Marshall Faulk
He has been rarely used all season. With Fitzpatrick in now, they might give Faulk extra time as Steven Jackson takes on a load. His role has been far too limited for the talent he possesses.

Ron Dayne
Any one week wonder is worth a waiver wire catch.

Wide Receiver

Bryant Johnson
Quietly Johnson is having a decent season behind Fitzgerald and Boldin. The reason why is because the Cardinals have no choice but to throw the football fifty times a game. The Cardinals have the best set of three wideouts statistically in the NFL.

Marcus Robinson
Robinson tends to have those monster touchdown games once in awhile. It’s like a volcano ready to burst, it’s going to happen. Whether it’s one year, two years, or two games, it happens. But like volcanoes, sooner or later, those eruptions become dormant. Robinson’s career appears to be at that stage, but take a look at him anyways.

Darrell Jackson
Assuming there were idiots in your league that let Jackson go, now is the time to pounce on that fumble. Jackson is about a week away from starting, and might get in on a few plays Monday night. Trust us, Matt Hasselbeck can’t wait to have him back. DJ Hackett has tried but will not help the Seahawks get to where they need to be in the playoffs.


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