Waiver Wire Post Week 13

Is there a little room for your fantasy team to sneak into the playoffs. If so, this is likely the last week to show your fantasy teams true value. What players could help out at the last second?


Marques Tuiasasopo
He gets the nod over Kerry Collins for the rest of the season. He has had action before, and from what we remember it wasn’t pretty. It’s been awhile though, and Tuiasasopo has been sitting on the sideline far too long. It’s his chance to shine. He definitely has the weapons to do it, but so did Kerry Collins.

David Carr
He is a commanding leader on the field. If that were a category that was noticed, Carr would be in the top five. There are always sparks of talent shown every week from Carr, but it never generates to the rest of his team. Last week the Texans should have easily beat the Ravens, but lacked the punch to do it. Carr may end the season on a high note and give your fantasy team a great chance at upsetting a powerhouse team.

Brad Johnson
His fantasy days aren’t over yet. The Vikings have found something offensively as of late, and it involves Johnson airing it a bit. If he isn’t doing that he is getting the yards and mega fantasy points on short dump offs to Michael Bennett. He is proving to be a steady couple of touchdowns and okay passing yards every week. You can’t beat that, at this point in the season.

Running Backs

JJ Arrington
Shhh. Arrington’s numbers are actually progressing as of late. How it’s happening is a mystery. Especially considering that the Cardinals haven’t stopped throwing the football a billion times a game. Dennis Green needs to know if Arrington can be the guy in these last four games, and will likely boost his involvement in the offense.

Ryan Moats
Someone has to step into Brian Westbrook’s role, and Moats is the guy. Judging from Philadelphia’s offense last week, Moats will be nothing more than a “must go with” guy. Kind of like when you were in grade school, and were forced to stick the last kid on your team by default.

Jerome Bettis
The Steelers want to get back to their style of play. In order to do that they need to establish the run, and will likely go back to the roots of the bus that’s driven them for the past ten or so years. Bettis can revitalize the Steelers with one carry. The fans appreciate him so much, that it may pump extra blood to get the Steelers finally riled up again.

Wide Receivers

Koren Robinson
He continues to make huge plays for the Vikings. No one wants to talk about it, but since Robinson was signed the Vikings have been winning. Attribute it to Brad Johnson all you want, but Robinson is a huge percentage of reason why the Vikings have turned around their season.

Josh Reed
Eric Moulds isn’t happy, and we all know what can happen with disgruntled receivers. He has already been suspended one game, and who knows if that will turn into the rest of the season. Reed has been somewhat of a dissappointment in his career, but may now have his shot.

Dennis Northcutt
Charlie Frye struggled with the shot and intermediate routes last weekend against the Jaguars. In fact, he was only successful on a couple of long bombs to Braylon Edwards. With Edwards now gone for the season, Frye will need a new deep target to throw at. Antonio Bryant is a solid receiver, but Northcutt is the speed man in Cleveland. Look for the Browns to try to calm Frye down, by trying to hit a big play or two deep to Northcutt.


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