Post Week 12: You've Got To Be Kidding Me

Where are your star fantasy athletes? Probably on this week’s list of you’ve got to be kidding me.


Ryan Fitzpatrick
No fantasy owner can believe stats like Fitzpatrick’s went unused by 100 percent of fantasy owners. It almost never happens in the NFL that a backup does as good as Fitzpatrick did Sunday. Not only did he do well, he led the Rams back from twenty one points for an overtime victory. Repeating this mark may be hard to due, considering Fitzpatrick will be game planned for this week.

Kyle Boller
He decided to show up when the game was out of reach. Boller was expected to do something positive this season. The best thing he did was get hurt and spare us from watching bad performances. Never has a professional football team needed a quarterback more than Baltimore.

Drew Brees
LT can’t do it all. Drew is starting to enter the play of zone that begins to question whether or not he is a franchise quarterback. The guy is amazing when Antonio Gates is on the field, but without his safety target he is a different quarterback. Brees may just need receivers to flourish on another level. One thing that’s definite, is that Brees needs to elevate his play for the Chargers to make a late run.

Kerry Collins
Collins just lost any chance of ever being a fantasy starting quarterback. Many owners went out of their way to draft Collins only to be stunned week by week. He has all the weapons a quarterback can ask for, but makes more mistakes than Brett Favre (joking). If Collins were ever to find some consistency he’d be golden in fantasy football.

Steve McNair
He hasn’t been doing too bad. He’ll need to keep that arm ready to sling, as he’ll need to spread it out against the Colts.

Running Backs

Brian Westbrook
See what he can do as an actual running back? Westbrook is a Pro Bowl type running back, but never gets the opportunity to shine. Maybe with Donovan McNabb out, he’ll be more involved every week. If he finishes out the year well, he should be considered a top ten back in the NFL. Sort of a Marshall Faulk of the late 90’s back. One that can run the ball well and be just as dangerous out of the backfield.

Ron Dayne
A fluke on turkey day, who would of known. Dayne broke out on a few runs that’ll make his career footage vault in a few years. He’ll be a great trivia question in ten years. Which former Heisman had a career day on Thanksgiving?

Vintage LT. His performance alone on Sunday deserved attention from ESPN classic. What he did in the final five minutes against the Redskins is comparable to Reggie Miller’s eight points in some odd seconds against the Knicks.

Ricky Williams
Miami wasn’t joking that they were going to split the carries up. Williams leaner look is paying off when he can get in the open field. He should still add a little extra weight so that he can also add that punishing style back to his resume.

Wide Receivers

Joey Galloway
He keeps producing, but we still can’t believe it. He did nothing for almost five years, and now is all of the sudden a stud. Something will give soon on Galloway. If not he’ll be at the Pro Bowl and the comeback athlete of the year.

Andre Johnson
There he is. David Carr got him the ball for the first time this season. This duo was expected to be one of the top ten connections this year. Instead it’s been one of those look over dumb presumptions.

Joe Jurevicious
Jurevicious is a tall receiver that can go get the football. Hasselbeck will find him and does often. But as the weeks keep going, you can see Hasselbeck leaning a little too much on Jurevicious. In overtime this past weekend, Hasselbeck got away with a throw that was intended for Jurevicious but looked like a gift to the Giants.

Lavernues Coles
The most disappointing big time athlete acquired in the offseason is ….


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