Pickup of The Week

If you?re looking for a pickup this week at wide receiver than look for anyone of the Carolina receivers. More than likely Mushin Muhammed was buried on someone?s roster, but if someone gave up on him hopefully you swept him up in a heart beat. He proved last week that he still has a lot left in him with three fantastic touchdown catches against the 49ers. Ricky Proehl or Kerry Colbert would also be wise pickups too add depth to your receivers. With Stephen Davis and DeShaun Foster out for the year, the Panthers will more than likely abandon the run from here on out. That means that at least three receivers should put up solid stats every week. These are the type of players that will be having an impact once the fantasy playoffs come around for your league. There is nothing like having a great season, and then letting another team knock you off with scrap player?s from non existent teams.


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