AFC Dominance

There once was a time that the NFC reigned and the AFC had no hope of contending with them. The good old days when the Dallas Cowboys would beat up on Buffalo every year, and when the 49ers, Packers, and Vikings were always a step ahead of most AFC teams. Well the Denver Broncos ended that streak in the late 90?s, and since then the AFC has slowly shifted into the most dominant conference. What does this mean to the NFC?

Besides the Philadelphia Eagles there might not be another team in the NFC that would get a playoff spot if put in the AFC. That?s right even the Falcons would have a hard time, and most likely would get a fifth or sixth seed. There are way too many teams in the NFC that are in playoff contention that shouldn?t be. Who knows though, any of those teams could gain momentum at any period of time and then make a run in the playoffs. The 95? Colts were able to do it, and it shows what a young team can do.

When have you ever seen a team start off 1-4, and take the division lead four games later? I don?t think it has ever been done, and the scary thing is that they could qualify for a first round bye if they can catch Atlanta. Teams like Arizona, Chicago, Detroit, and the NY Giants are all teams that will be the future of this conference and might get a chance this year just because of the weakness of the NFC.

It shouldn?t be that weak though if it weren?t for the inconsistent teams. St. Louis has kept almost the same group of offensive and defensive player?s from their Super Bowl years, but yet lost to Miami. You just can?t do that if you want to be a serious contender. There are such things as looking over a team, but when you lose that much focus then you?ll never be a threat.

The Seattle Seahawks looked like a team that would challenge the Philadelphia Eagles for control of the conference when they started off strong. But they have let their own division hurt them, with losses to the Cardinals and two to the Rams. With their division close nit that could really hurt them down the road when it comes to a tie breaker. The Seahawks main downfall has been their defensive struggles. They should be okay if they can get back together as a unit, because their offense is one of the best in the league. Anytime you have a Pro Bowl running back, quarterback, and wide receiver then you have a chance at making a successful run at any time.

Jim Haslett and the Saints have to be the most disappointing team in the NFC over the past recent years. Since Aaron Brooks took over for Jeff Blake it has been an up and down carousel ride for this team. Just when they look like they?re going to do something they lose to a pathetic team. Then they play a solid team like Kansas City last week and show up and get the win. This team just doesn?t make sense, and that?s what makes them scary. They have the talent to be the team in the NFC, but at 4-5 it might be another year that goes down the drain.

Minnesota needs Randy Moss back immediately before they lose any ground on the Green Bay Packers. Moss is expected to miss one more game this weekend against Detroit, and that could lead to problems this weekend. Even though Detroit is one game below .500 they?ve stayed in the majority of their games this season, and that could pay off this weekend. Another scary thought is that if things play right, all four teams in the NFC North could be 5-5.


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