Quarterback Switchups

When your team is faltering blame it on the quarterback. That seems to be the route most teams take when things are going wrong. Who can blame them, if their team is losing they need to look ahead into the future for the team?s best interest. A lot of teams gain chemistry at the end of the year, that ends up carrying over to the next season. That way a team doesn?t have to go into the next year without any chemistry and has a knack with their quarterback. This upcoming week there will be three quarterback changes but only one of them was a shock.

Down in Miami it has been a circus all year, and now that Dave Wannstedt is out the Dolphins will give AJ Feeley a look again. Feeley has displayed a solid arm and the ability to move the ball a little better than Fiedler. But he has made too many mistakes, which almost always results in a touchdown for the other team. So if he can settle down in that department and not force throws, than Miami could have a quarterback next year. Basically Miami knows that Jay Fiedler?s time has ran out and Miami, and they need to know if Feeley has what it takes. He?ll get the rest of the year to prove himself, and if he fails then Miami will know not to bank on him next year, and bring in a proven veteran to compete with him in training camp.

With the New York Giants we all knew that sooner or later that Eli Manning would get a chance this year. All that Tom Coughlin was waiting for was a slide, and the Giants have done just that by losing three of their last four games. Still the Giants are 5-4 and in a shaky NFC Conference, so you have to wonder why Coughlin would risk the rest of the year. Maybe he thinks Manning could be a Roeslinberger and get this team going. More than likely that?s wishful thinking, and Manning will struggle to get this team to finish 8-8. But gaining experience is a plus at the end of your rookie season, instead of starting your second year without any. When the off season comes around his quarterbacks coach will be able to improve plenty of little mistakes that will make Manning a more polished quarterback for his second season.

Mark Brunell was brought into Washington because he is a Joe Gibbs type of player. But his hey day as a starting quarterback has shown over the last few weeks, and frankly he?ll probably be a veteran backup the rest of his career. Patrick Ramsey is in the Drew Brees stage of his career. Over the past two years he has shown amazing potential at times, but hasn?t moved anywhere near past the same mistakes he was making as a rookie. Some of the interceptions he has thrown in relief of Brunell this year have been worse than rookie mistakes. He should settle down, and be able to utilize Clinton Portis to make his passing game effective. With the cluster of teams in the NFC with four and five losses, the Redskins aren?t out of the picture with six. In fact, it wouldn?t be shocking to see an 8-8 team make it into the playoffs from the NFC. If it does happen just imagine how Miami will feel, after they didn?t qualify last year after finishing 10-6?

As the year continues to wind down more and more situations at quarterback will continue. You can almost bet that Bill Parcells will let Drew Henson get an early start on next year, because there is no way a 43 year old Vinny Testaverde can be a starter. Maybe Parcells is thinking he should have stayed in retirement, because it?s looking like Parcells might fall into the same situation that Jimmy Johnson did when he went to Miami. Sure it?s only his second year, but the Cowboy?s are for sure going to have at least one more rebuilding year before any success.


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