Oh No In The NO

By Zack Cimini

If there was a medic on the scene for the Saints team the diagnosis would be that they?re on life support. There hasn?t been a team in the NFC that has wasted as much talent as the New Orleans Saints. Just take a look at their roster, especially offensively. They have a Pro Bowl receiver in Joe Horn and one of the best running backs in the league in Deuce McAllister. So why do the Saints continue to be an inopportune team in a weak NFC?

All problems circulate around a quarterback, and that is just the case with Aaron Brooks. At times he can tear a part defenses, but when he is feeling pressure he feels the need to get rid of the football like a hot potato. There is nothing wrong with taking a sack, or throwing the football away. Rookies make the type of mistakes Brooks makes every week, and learn to correct and advance to NFL game speed. For some reason though Brooks hasn?t been able to get it in his head, and at 4-6 the time might be running out for Brooks.

He has made two of the worst plays that I?ve seen from a quarterback in the last ten years this season. In fact when you think of the name Aaron Brooks those two plays probably pop into your head. Who steps back and just throws the ball in the air because they are about to get sacked? It is one thing to improvise, but the key is too take what?s there. He was about to get sacked for a safety, so he just panicked and threw it to the other team for the touchdown against Denver. It reminds me of the NBA when the shot clock is running out, but a player is forced to just throw it up. Nine times out of ten the shot is going to look horrible, or miss the rim completely.

This is Brooks fourth year as a starter, and the project is over for him. If he can settle down in the pocket and utilize his arm strength he could be a top five quarterback. The what if?s though, have been an on going question so far in his career. Obviously the Saints dim playoffs hopes are drawing to a near conclusion. More than likely Jim Haslett will lose his job, and the Saints will look in a new direction at quarterback. That?s not to say Brook?s chances in this league are over. We?ve all seen quarterbacks resurrect their careers in a new system with a different nucleus of players.


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