NBA Future Value Advice


It’s been a whirlwind year for me when it comes to futures. The future market in sports is one that often gets overlooked. If you’re in Vegas you may look at a futures sheet before a tournament, playoff, etc. Obviously the best value lies on grabbing a future before that period. Stretches of poor play, injuries, etc. will see market value rise on teams.

In the past year I’ve been able to hit the UConn Huskies at 35-1 in sweet 16 odds, San Antonio Spurs at 5-1 to win the NBA title(When they were down 2-1 to the Mavericks), and Duke/Tyus Jones MOP this past NCAA tournament. In MLB I missed on the Marlins at 100-1 and wavered from New England to Pittsburgh in the NFL. In college, I took a flyer on the Utah Utes early summer at 75-1.

It puts an extra dimension on handicapping. You can always find value out there if you look for the right book.

With the NBA playoffs about to start I’ve mentioned a team on twitter and YouTube videos that I like for a potential future. Eyes are of course on the top tier teams such as the Hawks, Cavs, Spurs, Warriors, and a few extra from the western conference. Value is not to be had with most of those teams. San Antonio’s boat has sailed drastically during their impressive double digit win-streak. But how much longer can those tired legs hold? Much like LeBron they’ve worn a lot of mileage on their legs. If it were not for a miracle Ray Allen three pointer they could be going for a three-peat title. I would not discount the Spurs but will not grab them at 2.5/3-1. They’d have to rise to the 5-1 level they were a year ago. Maybe that level creeps up again if they get down in a playoff series.

Value to me lies with the Chicago Bulls. There’s been so much negativity surrounding the Bulls cast and Derrick Rose. Rose, of course, has missed a large part of the last two seasons. He is back and all they need him to do is be a contributor. They have enough pieces now to be a contender with their bigs and improved play from their young players.

At 7/8-1 to win the Eastern Conference I love the value. Sure, currently they may face the Cavaliers in the second round, but what’s the difference now or later?

LeBron’s had his difficulties before when he faced the Bulls as a member of the Heat. They’ll pose a threat again on the interior with LeBron’s newly formed Cavaliers. It’s not a series that will be a cake walk. JR Smith’s three ball reign lately looks great, but lets not forget he lost the shot completely a playoff season with the Knicks.

There just is no value in my opinion on the Cavs at -200 or Hawks at plus 240.

Grab the Bulls at 7.5-1 and enjoy a solid NBA playoffs daily and weekly here at


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