Over the last month and a half the Marlins and Mets have been involved in three series. Even for division teams that is abnormal for a short stretch. Today, Tom Koehler heads to the mound for the Marlins while Dice-K does for the Mets.

Miami still ranks as one of the better teams in baseball for scoring but is slowly beginning to drop. Their bats have been cold for the last four weeks. Wins they have been able to get as a team have come via a flurry of runs in one inning. They’re just not getting the inning after inning offensive production you’d expect.

Conversely the Mets have hit a bit of a stride thanks to their pitching staff. All five starters have had decent outings as of late, including Dice-K. Many have been waiting for Dice-K to have a major slump and be sent back to the bullpen. Thus far though he has managed each outing fairly well.

With how poor the Marlins are hitting the ball, Dice-K just needs to sustain control with his walks. For Koehler, look for him to command this game after an atrocious outing in Arizona in his last start.

This total is sitting at 7.5 runs -110. Play the first five under as well to offset any possible late inning runs giving up by the Marlins staff.


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