The Yankees are struggling to produce runs as of late. Pitching has been erratic for them. By swapping Nuno for Brandon McCarthy the Yankees hope to find the veteran ace that CC Sabathia was supposed to be.

At this stage of the season the Yankees look like a tired old baseball team. The usual reliability of Tanaka came to another blow yesterday. Cleveland jumped on top of several of his pitches for two home runs.

Cleveland is one of those teams that gets hot and cold unlike any other team in baseball. They’ve had a couple of different winning and losing streaks to showcase this.

Josh Tomlin heads to the mound today for the Indians and should find success against the struggling Yankees. In his last three starts he has had two poor performances and one outstanding against the Mariners. Due to his erratic play there is value on the Indians today. They opened around -114 and are now at -120.

Though Tomlin may give up a few runs, I think the Indians bats are confident after success against Tanaka. Tanaka had been 10-0 against teams he was facing for the first time. Breaking that streak has to be a boost of confidence to the Indians.

Take Cleveland to win again against the Yankees.


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