Over the last five years fantasy owners have become much more cognitive in drafting for depth. Not just ordinary depth but quality depth. A key strong draft gives you the leverage to assist your team properly. Whether you need it all season long puts you in position for key injuries or upgrading via a trade for a disappointing starter.

Injuries occurring to a fantasy team is inevitable. What also is inevitable are a handful of games that non top ten ranked players will put up a disappointing week. Daring fantasy football owners aren’t afraid to take proper risks of benching a player on occasion. Utilizing your team 100 percent is how you win a fantasy football league title.

Bragging rights in the offseason to your buddies is mixed amongst each other. One will say they led the league in points, another that you eked out a lot of close wins, etc. It’s no different than professional sports when it comes to a win or loss. A win is a win.

Protecting yourself at quarterback is a position that can’t be understated. I’ve seen too many people rely on one main quarterback and think that they are all set. Sure, you’d hope that your Pro Bowl quarterback would compete like one every week, but that just doesn’t happen. There are few players that you can unquestionably start.

One quarterback that should be on many fantasy football players radar is Ryan Fitzpatrick. He is a veteran quarterback that doesn’t necessarily have the brightest track record. One thing he has done well though is perform well in stretches. Being that you should have a solid number one quarterback, Fitzpatrick is that spot stretch starter that can be of use.

More than likely you shouldn’t have to start your backup quarterback more than four to five times. Once for the bye week of course, possible minor injuries, and a better matchup. For the first time in his career Fitzpatrick will actually have a roster of receivers with high fantasy value. You could not say that certainly in Buffalo or last year in Tennessee. His best was spot starts in Cincinnati.

On top of a solid group of receivers, Fitzpatrick will have the benefit of Arian Foster. That should open up things for Fitzpatrick to hit targets and utilize his legs on occasion.

From a future bet standpoint, many are likely going to still discount the Texans after what happened a year ago. Not too many people are high on Fitzpatrick due to the amount of teams he has bounced around from. But this could be the perfect stop gap for Fitzpatrick for another two to three years. With the team healthy this could be a solid bet on the over. Remember the bulk of their losses was a result of Matt Schaub’s horrendous play that dismantled the team.

For a spot starting fantasy quarterback keep your eyes on Fitzpatrick. He’ll be worth the handful of starts.


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