In Denver, John Elway still resonates as the king of history for the city. He is considered one of the best quarterbacks of all time. As a general manager for the Broncos he has quietly positioned himself to rewrite the ending he had to his career for Peyton Manning.

His first proper move was the perfect handling of Tim Tebow. Many people do not talk about how the Broncos handled moving him out of the picture. Tebow did win games but he showed a Vince Young type of uncanniness that was unsettling too watch. The NFL catches on quickly, and it was only a matter of time before Tebow’s magic ran out. And it did in disaster situations in New York and New England.

Elway being the former quarterback great that he was, knew to move on. His eyes were squarely on Peyton Manning. The Broncos landed Manning and you can say that the first two years were right there. Denver squandered a late lead on a hail mary Joe Flacco bomb, and ran into a defense they just weren’t prepared to counter.

In between those rough ending seasons, the Broncos went out and signed Wes Welker and discovered a gem of a tight end in Julius Thomas. Manning can still be Manning with his high IQ, but it’s apparent the Broncos plan on utilizing a strong running game. Towards the end of John Elway’s career the Broncos did the same thing with Terrell Davis.

The platoon the Broncos used last year worked out well, and should continue to gain with Montee Ball, Ronnie Hillman, and CJ Anderson. The dollars both Eric Decker, Champ Bailey, and Knowshown Moreno wanted were spent more wisely on Aquib Talib, DeMarcus Ware, Emmanuel Sanders, and roster fillers.

The entire staff and team knows that this is the season to finally finish things off with a Super Bowl title. This team has endured being one of the best regular season teams only to fall short in the playoffs. The NFL is similar to college basketball in my opinion. Once the post season begins the best team may not always be crowned. It’s a sport where one play can be the deciding factor of it all.

Denver’s 2012 season was ended because of their defensive struggles, which allowed a deep bomb to Baltimore’s Jacoby Jones. Last year the offense’s inability to move the football and early turnovers cost them a chance to win against Seattle.

Both sides of the football and the front office led by John Elway are ready to finish things off.

Look for Peyton Manning and the Broncos to get right back to the Super Bowl. They may not be the best team in football but may get help from the NFC. The right matchup does wonders, and I’m not sure the Seahawks can return to the promise land.

Either way look for this Broncos team to have the San Antonio Spurs mentality exhibited this year and in the playoffs. The mental fortitude to shake off a hard title loss and use it as motivation to get the job completed.


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