Bowe A One Week Wonder

By Zack Cimini

Fantasy owners that pointed at their bench to their buddies and said, “see, see, if I would of started Dwayne Bowe I would of won this week,”. You’ve got to love the owners that hype their teams up through their bench than the win/loss column. Dwayne Bowe has had plenty of opportunities this season to emerge as he did a few years ago. Being a disappointment thus far in 2010 is a huge understatement.

Bowe’s had issues abound this year. Matt Cassel’s looked his way and Bowe has not been able to deliver as a number one receiver. Nothing was worse than his play against the Colts. Indianapolis ranks right up there with poor pass defenses, and Bowe could not thrive. He was able to get open and then the football was reminded of Bowe’s hands. Laying the pigskin on the turf happened on wide open routes, including an actual nice throw by Cassel in the end zone. His play in that game basically cost the Chiefs as they eventually got into a fourth quarter hole against the Colts.

Seeing Bowe become a fantasy impact player week six was not surprising. Houston’s pass defense is what might prevent them from making the playoffs. They’ve giving up an incredible amount of yards and points as a unit. It’s the type of game though that could break Bowe out of his funk.

He will never be considered a fantasy every week starter with Matt Cassel at quarterback. He can though be an injury/bye week/first off the bench at receiver position athlete. Kansas City has their style of play down pat for the rest of the year. With Thomas Jones and Jamaal Charles they have two backs that can split the load at a high number of carries each. The team knows that counting on Cassel to be their number one option offensively is not a key to winning. He just hasn’t grasped the teams playbook and has struggled overall.

If you are forced to start Bowe, it’s always going to be a high risk. Look around the league and you’ll see that the majority of quarterbacks are throwing 25, 30, or even higher pass attempts a game. Don’t be fooled that Cassel has actually thrown the ball for an average of 6.2 yards per completion. An insanely poor statistic. Cassel’s play of checking down is exactly what the Cardinals passed on with Matt Leinart in preseason.

Chances of Cassel getting benched likely won’t happen at this point. The only way you’d start Bowe is for reasons mentioned in the last paragraph, or if you’re extremely strong with your fantasy running backs. Even if Bowe goes out and has a string of solid games to parlay last weeks, we don’t see him getting far beyond last years numbers. Trading him to a desperate owner is your best bet of getting any long term value out of him.

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