Boldin Gets Cheated

By Zack Cimini

Anytime there are fans involved in voting nothing goes according to plan. Once again that was proved right as Domanick Davis won the Pepsi award for rookie of the year. Even Davis was shocked when his name was called.

Don?t get me wrong Davis had a phenomenal season. He finally took some of the pressure off of David Carr, even though Carr had a banged up season. But Davis had a stretch of four incredible weeks of 100 yard games with a weak offensive line. He ended up finishing with just over 1,000 yards rushing and almost 400 receiving yards in fourteen games. As a rookie he definitely exceeded expectations and probably was one of the best fantasy football sleepers with eight touchdowns. Davis also took the focus on how bad the Texans pick up of Stacey Mack was. Mack was supposed to be the Texans bull dozer runner and barely had 250 yards rushing.

Hands down though, Boldin?s season was ten times better than Davis. He finished with almost 1400 yards receiving and 8 touchdowns. At least Boldin wasn?t cheated on getting to the Pro Bowl and winning the AP Offensive Player of the Year. It?s not like a football player wants to have an unlimited supply of Pepsi to drink anyways.


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