Classic Super Bowl

By Zack Cimini

Maybe it?s something about the New England Patriots that bring out great games. Even though they ended their season winning 15 straight games, all of them were relatively close. Their Super Bowl 32-29 victory though has to go down as one of the top three Super Bowls ever.

Before the game everyone thought it would come down to either Jon Kasay or Adam Vinatieri. It was a tale of two halves for both players. In the first half Vinatieri struggled with two missed field goals, while Kasay nailed a 51 yard field goal right before half time. Than in the second half right after the Panthers had tied it up, Kasay kicked the ball out of bounds. All it took was a few completions by Brady to setup Vinatieri for another classic finish.

You have to give it to the Carolina Panthers for their tremendous effort. They could have gave in so many times in this game but they fought back. Jake Delhomme has made a name for himself, and so have the rest of the Panthers. Unlike the AFC, the NFC is way behind in talent. Every year teams like St. Louis, Green Bay, and Philadelphia are always on top, but Carolina is the best team in the NFC. They have tremendous talent for every position, and should go deep in the playoffs next year.


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