Smith and Shipp For Another Year

By Zack Cimini

Emmitt Smith has now made it public that he will return with the Cardinals next year. In his first year with the Cardinals everything didn?t go according to plan. In his starts with the Cardinals he rarely touched the ball because the Cardinals were always down. Than he injured his shoulder, and Marcell Shipp showcased his skills.

Obviously last year Dave McGinnis didn?t have a lot of plays put in for Smith. Dennis Green is a different coach though, and was glad to hear that Smith will be back next season.

It was shocking last season to see the Cardinals throw the football 40 times a game with the offensive line that they have. Dennis Green is a smart coach and he?ll use the strengths of his team. Expect the Cardinals to play a ball control style of football like the Carolina Panthers and Baltimore Ravens. If they run the football down teams throats they?ll be able to stay close in games. A lot of times last year it was the offensive team?s turnovers that cost them the game, and not the defense.


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