Bank On It

Drew Brees is in the ultimate position even though his destination will be in limbo for the next several months. Either way Brees has capitalized on his great year, and will have a contract that puts him a top with other quarterbacks in the NFL.

With the Chargers already designating the franchise tag on Brees, it means that it is going to be a difficult process for Brees to land elsewhere. There are a lot of teams that would love Brees?s talents, but having to give up draft picks and pay him an excessive amount of dollars might be too much of a risk. Lets not forget that Brees is coming off one great year, not five. Still his four to one touchdown to interception ratio isn?t a figure of deception.

He has really evolved as a quarterback, and besides having Antonio Gates he did it with a fairly average supporting cast. Eric Parker is showing great signs of becoming a number one receiver but is still learning. Tomlinson is still their best threat as a runner after the catch, and that?s where Brees is able to alleviate a lot of his throws with short dump offs and screens.

If David Boston would have came in to San Diego and played the way he should have the Chargers would be set at receiver. Keenan McCardell was brought in during the season to boost the Chargers receiving core, but after a couple solid games was non existent. It?ll be interesting to see if the Chargers keep him or deal with his aging like the Raiders did with Jerry Rice and Tim Brown.

For Brees he?ll likely have to sign a one year tender with the Chargers for over 8 million dollars. It sounds great, but he is in the same position as he was before, and that is minimal job security. If he even shows a little bit of a downfall from his Pro Bowl year, than the Chargers will let him go and bring along Philip Rivers. It?s doubtful that?ll happen because Brees is a confident player, and feels that he should be a Charger for the rest of his career.

As for Philip Rivers he has to be patient, and still prepare himself in case Brees gets hurt. There is no reason too pout or have an attitude, as his time will eventually come. It has to be frustrating to see Eli Manning and Ben Roeslithberger get the spot light, but if he has to come in and is unprepared it will only make him look worse. He already has negativity around him for holding out as long as he did last summer.

The Chargers organization isn?t stupid, as they do want Drew Brees. They just want to further evaluate his talents before deciding where to go with their team the next five years. If they have to disregard Philip Rivers some people will say their pick was wasted. For the Chargers at the time they thought they needed to get a quarterback. Well they have one, and just because it wasn?t Rivers doesn?t mean they lost out. Sure they could have used the pick for Roy Williams or another top flight receiver, but everything happens for a reason. Maybe the pick they end up getting for Rivers becomes a gem, and they come full circle with that pick.


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