Who Needs Who?

All of this talk about Randy Moss leaving the Vikings is a daily conversation amongst all NFL fans. Every team would love to have Moss as he could elevate any team by an unaccountable amount. Though his attitude problems and focus are in doubt, it still doesn?t concern coaches because of his talent. With his carefree attitude, who?s to say that Moss wouldn?t just quit football like Ricky Williams? With all the off the wall things Moss has done, it wouldn?t be shocking to see Moss exit the game sooner than expected if he continues to have frustrating experiences on the football field.

Moss has plenty of money already, and has before stated that he plays when he wants to. It shows on the field, as there are times when he looks as if he is running with minimal effort, and than there are the times where he?ll point at a cornerback and throw his hands up for Culpepper to throw him the ball and score a touchdown. It really is that simple for Moss, but will he adjust as his body slows down or will he just give up? There is going to come a time when Moss will need to use his mental skills over his physical skills to be successful.

In 2005 he?ll be going into his ninth season, and a decline in production is inevitable. If he can stay away from injury that will likely not happen for a good six to seven years for Moss, but last year showed that he might struggle in that department. He missed a big stretch of the regular season with a nagging hamstring injury, and than struggled with an ankle injury in the playoffs that limited him completely against the Eagles.

If Moss is demanding a trade, now is the time for the Vikings to deal him. His value is high right now, and if he mopes around another year in Minnesota teams inquiring about him might open their eyes. Also rumors about Culpepper not being able to be successful without Moss can be shutdown. With Moss out of the lineup for a long period last season, Culpepper still carried the Vikings with receivers Marcus Robinson and Nate Burelson stepping up.

If it weren?t for Manning?s incredible year, Culpepper would be getting astounding accolades for how he has been able to mature quickly. His numbers don?t lie as he threw for 39 touchdowns, 4700 yards, and only 11 interceptions. His quarterback rating of 110.9 showcases how flawless his year was.

With all the draft picks or talented players the Vikings could get for Moss, it?d be more than enough compromise for Moss. Culpepper doesn?t need Moss if he doesn?t want to be there, and will be fine without him. If Moss doesn?t want to grow up as a human being than he is going to eventually run himself out of the league. He is too great of an athlete and is in position to break numerous receiving records if he just focuses. If he?d wake up he?d realize he is in the best position he could be in with Daunte Culpepper. There are a handful of other quarterbacks that could do throw the ball like Culpepper, but Moss?s ratio of being involved would suffer. Mike Tice is man enough to give Moss what he wants in plays to him, but most coaches aren?t going to evolve their game plan around Moss.


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