QB Controversy Over

By Zack Cimini

The rumors of JP Losman taking over Drew Bledsoe?s job without a competition will be over as soon as tomorrow. It is expected that Drew Bledsoe will be released, and put an end to his brief two year campaign with the Buffalo Bills. You could say that the Bills used Bledsoe wrongly for a transition period, but the NFL is strictly business more than ever before.

The Bills organization does deserve some credit for pulling the strings quickly, instead of letting the situation drag deep into the off season. Having Bledsoe around would?ve more than likely just hurt Losman?s development in the off-season as a starter. Now that he strongly knows that it is his team, he doesn?t have to look over his shoulder with tremendous pressure. On the other hand if he isn?t ready for the responsibility, time will soon show.

Certainly the Bills wouldn?t have been contemplating about bringing Losman in during the Bills late season win streak, if they didn?t seriously think he was ready. Obviously this kid is showing strong signs or they wouldn?t have put off Bledsoe.

For Bledsoe you just have to take it like a man and keep your head high above your shoulders. It wasn?t necessarily that Losman was better than he was, it?s just that the Bills needed to go in another direction. Bledsoe is a testament of how having a great career as a youth in the NFL doesn?t mean that your career will sustain the same greatness. It?s all about timing and being in the right position with a solid nucleus.

Bledsoe still possesses the same skills that he has always had, and needs to go to a team that will let him take the reigns in firm control for the rest of his career. He is not the type of veteran that should be passed like a baton to be a yearly option for a team. This is not a Trent Dilfer or Jeff Blake and would be a shame to see Bledsoe land on a team that doesn?t have serious plans in utilizing his skills.

That?s probably one of the reasons why Bledsoe decided that he?d rather be released than traded. He can analyze all the situations that are proposed to him, and make sure that he isn?t being given a shady or misleading offer. It still looks like the best place for Bledsoe to go to would be Dallas. His best success came with Bill Parcells, and the Cowboys definitely need a quarterback to complement their talented receivers and Julius Jones.

There is no guarantee that Bill Parcells would be willing to stick around if the Cowboys have another losing situation. That could quickly end a marriage with Bledsoe and the Cowboys, since Jerry Jones would be quick to appoint a coach that would give Drew Henson the job. It?s crazy thinking, but needs to be done by Bledsoe to consider where he can finish a career without any derailment.

Another place that would be a wise idea for Bledsoe is Arizona. They have three talented young wide receivers in Anquan Boldin, Larry Fitzgerald, and Bryant Johnson. They all stretch the field extremely well, and even made Josh McCown look solid last year. With Bledsoe?s long ball, and Dennis Green?s trust in veterans (Randall Cunningham) it is an agreement that could happen. Arizona is looking for that one quarterback to help lead them, and try to get them to the 2008 Super Bowl in which they?re hosting.

For JP Losman his year on the bench as a learner will never be forgotten. If Bledsoe can revitalize his legacy it could make Losman?s learning days even more appreciative.

At least the Bills don?t have another controversy like they did when Rob Johnson was a youngster, and Doug Flutie an old veteran.


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