Antics Gone


By Zack Cimini

NFL fans are forced to pay attention to what the media shoves in their face. The era of glitz and glamour is not only in Hollywood, it’s turned to the profession of sports. Brett Favre’s drama with retiring or playing on and twitter comments galore have shifted the attention from one athlete in particular. An athlete that a year ago was looking like an immature college athlete. Nit picking about his contract, new coach, and threatening of a holdout. Wanting to leave Denver he demanded a trade that did not happen. To keep from getting fined he attended training camp and mocked drills. Off the field he was embroiled with issues with his ex-girlfriend.

It seemed like a rough year was ahead for Brandon Marshall. Instead once the season began he stormed the scene and shined. Even Josh McDaniels joined the hoopla for a bit when they mutually hugged postgame after another incredible performance from Marshall. The soap opera had its ups and downs but the sides agreed that Marshall had to go elsewhere. His talent is unquestionable.

Now Miami has its hands on a receiver that’s entering the trending dominant years of a superior talent. He has kept his name out of any high profiled negative stories, and thus far is just doing his duties. With new talents rising amongst receivers, Miles Austin, DeSean Jackson, Sidney Rice, etc. there isn’t too many talents that have done it consistently. The aforementioned receivers are literally coming off their first breakout years. Other top receivers in the mix are aging a bit, Steve Smith, Chad Johnson, Terrell Owens, Randy Moss, and Reggie Wayne.

Many rankings have Marshall all over the board, but there is no way he should be ranked outside a top five fantasy receiver. Every intangible you can think of for a receiver, Marshall excels at. He gets open on any type of route he runs with ease. Comparable to Andre Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald in that category. Over the past three years he has had over 100 catches an area he holds to himself in the league. Everyone assumed last year would see a decline in his stats due to his issues with the Broncos and their quarterback. Ugh, Kyle Orton.

Orton though did a fine job or should we say Marshall was able to get open and exploit defenses. Either way as a Dolphin a rise in production is foreseeable. Chad Henne has better all around skill sets than Orton and will use Marshall even more as a safety valve then Orton did. Young quarterbacks have a tendency to do that and learn to build their confidence this route. Last year Henne’s number one option was Ted Ginn Jr a great special teams threat but surely not a number one wide receiver.

We see Henne and Marshall developing nicely over the next three to four years. A year from now the only question when it comes to fantasy number one receiver will be, Marshall or Andre Johnson.


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