Early Waiver Wire Alert: Mike Williams

By Zack Cimini


We’ve had a Mike Williams sighting. He was seemingly written off after bustling out as a first round pick by the Lions, and small stints with the Raiders and Titans. Someone has woken him up. Linking back up with his former USC coach, Pete Carrol, may have done the trick. Thus far in preseason Williams looks like the tall physical specimen everyone expected him to be. The thing different from him now than in years past is that he seems to be in supreme shape. That is enabling him to create a bit of separation against opposing defensive backs while utilizing his tight end size.

In the first two preseason games, Williams has had two solid performances. He had a big catch for a fifty one yard touchdown, and this past week had four catches for nearly fifty yards. Talks are in place with Seattle negotiating contract lingo with Chargers receiver Vincent Jackson. Delays between the Seahawks front office and Jackson’s agent could be the best thing for Mike Williams. He’d be buried if the Seahawks trade for Jackson, and would still have to fight off rookie Golden Tate. Currently it seems like Williams could be the Seahawks third receiver if the roster stays the same.

Deion Branch and TJ Housh are older veterans that have fought off injuries, especially Branch. Chances are at some point in the year either or could fade. Williams will have to stay completely focused in order to stay on the radar in Seattle. Remember he was the tenth pick in the draft in 2005. He has the talent to shine and cause some friction amongst his fellow Seahawk receivers. Hasselbeck was looking his way numerous times especially on third downs in their past preseason game.

Keep an eye on Williams as the Seahawks should have three formidable fantasy receivers. They’ve typically been fantasy friendly at the receiver position. If Hasselbeck can stay healthy it should happen again in 2010. Looking at their running back situation only spotlights the receivers more. Julius Jones and Justin Forsett are the same tandem a year ago that had a hard time netting 1,200 yards rushing combined.


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